What Are The Tips To Make An SEO Friendly Website?

Keywords play a vital role in the drive towards search engine optimization. When you use incorrect keywords, the search engine finds it difficult in finding your website.

It is highly necessary that you begin a website. You must be clear on the business idea. When you draw a basic idea, you can create web pages that aid in focusing on the specific keywords.

How To Create Keywords-

  1. Make a list of expected keywords
  2. Insert your possible keywords in a keyword study tool.
  3. Finalize the keyword list depending upon your research
  4. Frame the keywords for beginning the site.

Keyword insertion:

To blend the website perfectly with SEO, you have to work towards the content of the scrupulous page. Follow the below tips for best keyword placement-

  • Tag the title
  • Meta explanation and Keywords
  • Create a website slogan
  • Insert H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Insert bullet points
  • Design the title on links
  • Frame name for the file

Create Paragraphs:

Everyone uses paragraphs but always create paragraphs that have some meaning to them. Never begin a fresh sentence in a new line, just because it looks good. Make sure every new paragraph you start has a reason. Each paragraph must have a major idea or main topic.

Create responsive Web Design:

When you design a responsive website design with SEO web design services, it is easier to access a website from all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. You don’t have to make many pages to convert it in various screen sizes. For any type of responsive template, just change it by analyzing the device’s screen size.

Insert necessary Text:

The text has constantly been an unavoidable choice which can be part of SEO web design in Chennai service. When you insert a video or picture in your website, never miss inserting the required text that explains the complete meaning.

Search Engine Supportive Navigation:

When you have navigation that is search engine friendly, it means you have a web design that is easier for search engines to understand. Always address every link and button on your website.

File Names

It is an apt process of including keywords in the URL as this enhances the visibility of your website in search engines. Try to utilize file names as it helps web users land on your web page in a simple manner.

Website Pictures:

It has a significant role to play in this process, but images are usually not given much importance in SEO web design services. Always improve your images to your website to load faster and increase the visibility of your site in the Search engine. Try to frame eye-catchy and informative pictures for your website which, will improve your site’s ranking in Best SEO Services in Chennai

Social Media:

Social media play a main role in your SEO tactic as it creates the bond and helps in matching with various connections that aid in creating a brand that is widely reached among users. Link creating can be done only through social media. Social media can offer a connection with a cheaper channel that gives you the Best web designing company in Chennai


When you are led to a new web design, never miss the track of old web pages that you built previously. Removing any of the old web pages can cause a problem when the users log into your new web page. They may receive the error message 404 when logging into your new web page.

Introduce 301 that will redirect the web user and inform them about the transfer of information from the old web page to the new web page. This will give you a choice of restoring the traffic on the web page and also aid you retain the SEO service.

Final Words

Hope our tips to build SEO friendly websites is helpful for you in developing and maintaining your site. You may use our tips and maintain and improve your site on your own, however, if you need the best SEO expert advice, you may contact various best SEO service agencies in Chennai or Best SEO companies in Chennai.

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