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What is your core business?

Our experience lies with working for all kinds of businesses of all sizes. We work with local companies and various start-ups and brands of national and international repute. We work with all kinds of sectors be it software companies, insurance companies, Food management and local vendors like photographers or plumbers in the locality.

What are the services provided by FDM?

We help you with website design and development for your company. Our services help in Google Search Engine Optimization with the help of the following services:

Google AdWords
Content Marketing
Logo Creation
Facebook Marketing Campaign
Conversion Rate Optimization
Linked In Advertising Campaign
Video Marketing
Branding and Creative Services
Strategy and Analytics Consulting
Email Marketing Campaign
WhatsApp Marketing
Digital Competitive Analysis
Online Reputation Management
Google My Business
What is the pricing model you follow?

We charge full payment in advance for services like

Logo Design
Local SEO
Facebook Marketing Campaign
Conversion Rate Optimization
Linked In Advertising Campaign
Video Marketing
Branding and Creative Services
Strategy and Analytics Consulting
Email Marketing Campaign

For the following services, the payment needs to be made within seven days of raising the invoice.

WhatsApp Marketing
Digital Competitive Analysis
Online Reputation Management
WhatsApp Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Google My Business
Email Marketing Campaign
Content Marketing
Digital Competitive Analysis
Content management system
SMS Marketing etc..

We take advance payment for services like

Website Auditing
Website Hosting
E-Commerce websites Development

The payment needs to be made within seven days of raising the invoice.

Does your company have experience working with other agencies?

We have worked with a varied number of agencies that either has large operations or specialize in a certain field. Our in-house team consists of many kinds of domain experts who are updated with the latest trends and technology to provide the services to our reputed clients.


What are your working hours?

We are functional from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. from Monday to Saturday.

What are the advantages of being an FDM client?

Our range and array of services are huge. You get all the services under one roof at FDM. We have in-house experts for each job which gives us a distinct advantage over the others in the field of digital marketing. We synchronize our effort taking a measurable amount of the services we excel in and providing our clients the needed result.

Some of the major services we deliver to our clients for digital marketing include

Logo Design
Local SEO
Facebook Marketing Campaign
Instagram Advertising Campaigns
Youtube Advertising Campaigns
LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
Bing Advertising Campaign
Twitter Advertising Campaign
Yahoo Advertising Campaign
WhatsApp Campaign
Messenger and Snapchat Campaigns
Medium, Telegram
WhatsApp Marketing
Line, Tumblr
Product Hunt,
Quora Campaigns
Google My Business Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Video Marketing

Branding and Creative Services and many more are all under one roof. Our integrated effort gives our clients the desired result and their satisfaction adds achievement to our portfolio which bridges the gap between expectation and delivery.

How does digital marketing campaign value add to my business?

Digital marketing is all about reaching your customers online via their phone on messages, WhatsApp communication, or via emails or making the presence of the business felt on social media through media campaigns or advertisements.

The modes of reaching to the client have a long-lasting impact as they get to see and listen to the business every time they are online.

1. This mode of advertisement is effective and low-budget.
2. The business owner can measure the outcome of his investment made.
3. People in different geographical locations can be reached and tracked effectively.
4. The SEO method of marketing helps you in reaching out to the target audiences creating a buy-in within the right set of people, letting them know how a product or service is beneficial for them.
5. It is a result-oriented campaign and helps in toning down the competition.


How frequently does the website need to be upgraded and the content needs to be changed?

The smaller portals can be upgraded every day while the larger websites can do with a revamp after every two or three years as it gives them new and fresh look.


Is blogging necessary for companies? Will my company also need to put across blogs?

To create a presence online and to beat competition it is extremely important that blogs should be posted online on a regular basis. It is an excellent platform for updating the readers regarding the uses and the benefits of the product and the service. The blogs operate on the basis of SEO which helps in Google’s ranking of the page. A well-written blog allows the search engine to allow relevant content which drives organic traffic to the website.


What is the guarantee of the result?

There is n number of variables on which the success of digital marketing depends. Therefore, guaranteeing results is not only difficult but also unfair. However, we can make you comfortable by making you connect with some of our clients across business sectors and get you feedback about our services and results produced by us. We take pride in our work and satisfaction through the services provided by us.

As a client what is your reporting format and how do you keep your client aware of what you are working on?

We at FDM keep our clients abreast with our work and progress on a regular basis. Our monthly reports are updated with our work and its outcome and we also specify the upcoming work we would be taking up in near future. We also helo you in using analytics so that you can use dashboards to keep yourself aligned regarding the performance and the future list of work. If it suits your time and working schedule we can also line up a meeting at your office and explain to you the work we are doing and the outcome of the campaign run by us.


Why is Google as a search engine important for digital marketing?

Google is the most searched search engine across the world. Google is kind of omnipresent. Each phone has google for searching content and also the social media handles are some place or the other attached to Google. So for digital marketing, we just cannot avoid Google. To work on other search engines we tailor-make our approach to suit their style. There are many countries that use other search engines and to work in other geographical locations we make a different strategy to work.

Does your digital campaign limit itself to the use of Google AdWords?

A large number of our clients actually work mainly with Google AdWords. However, we do not restrict our services to Google Adword only. We have many clients who prefer PPC as well. In PPC services we work on a wide array of subjects like Display Advertising, Advertising in search Result, and also Paid You tube Video Ads among many other services.

What is so unique about your SEO campaign compared to other companies?

As a company, we do not react impulsively. Our business moves are well thought out and strategized. Before finalizing an SEO campaign we run deep research about your business and the products and services that you offer to people. This gives us a deep understanding of the business and the moves made by competing companies for making their presence felt online. For the SEO campaign, our Google analytics team carefully chooses the keywords and well thought and structured content is developed to attract the readers online. The off-page optimization tools chosen by us are based on our research. We make unique plans for each customer and move in a target-oriented manner in which one can measure the result in a certain period of time. Our turn around time for an SEO campaign is a minimum of three to six months. SEO campaigns are basically term investments that bear results in the future. We do not believe in climbing up the ladder and then slipping down consistently. Our rise is consistent and strategic moves help us in consistently surging ahead. This helps our pages to top the google page when its searched


What is the FDM charge for SEO services?

For us, each campaign is different and unique. We try to understand each company from its basics before designing a campaign for them. We personalize and tailor-make our services according to the requirement of the customer. At the backend, we try to analyze the difficulties faced by our customers while trying to get a higher ranking with the search engines. For our customized programs we can make a quotation for your company which will entail the cost charged for the services delivered by FDM.

What are the charges of FDM charges for PPC services?

PPC services is designed as a different campaign altogether. A standard pricing structure will be difficult to quote and it will be based on the goal the client wants to attain from the campaign. The quoted cost will be based on the cost incurred on running the campaign and there will be no superficial cost added to it. To give you a quote for your campaign we will need to understand your requirements and discuss the details. We would request you to move to our contact us page and get in touch with us. By discussing details with us you will have a better understanding of the way we work and implement our campaigns.

How does FDM decide if my company is the right fit for PPC services?

When we take up a pay per click projects with companies we first gauge the goal of the organizations. These campaigns are usually taken up for these businesses which have a long-term goal with the business. A digital marketing campaign is not an overall solution for all kinds of marketing needs of an organization. It is basically a solution provider for individual projects run by companies.

What is unique about the Social Media services offered by FDM in comparison to other Digital Companies?

Our social media campaigns are unique for each client. We try to invest our time in increasing the online presence of the client. Our team takes each project as a challenges their professional expertise. Each brand we represent is well looked into before we researched before we indulge in any kind of digital campaign. We also research the behavior of the target audience before we indulge in building a campaign. We take time to research the attributes of the product or services of the organization to understand the behavior of the competitors. We try to locate the target audience of the client and then engage with them.

What are the charges of FDM for social media services?

Each social media campaign needs to be weighed and understood individually. All projects which can be taken up by FDM is provided a free quotation. We also give our clients a list of activities which will be taken up for the campaign and also imply the cost of each activity. Since all projects are handled differently so standard pricing would be a difficult proposition. A rough estimate of the pricing and a rough time frame can be given.


How does FDM judge if a company is fit for a social media campaign?

A long-term framework needs to be kept in mind with a social media campaign as it is an awareness and updating which is done in the mind of the readers to increase the sale of products and services. The brand of any company builds over a period of time and the campaign needs to be sustained for a set time to watch its results. We like to work with companies with a sustained effort towards building a name and a brand in the world of social media. Digital Marketing agencies build the online presence of companies in the long run. In case the company has the same perspective as we have we are the right pick for them.

How are the services of Online reputation management services unique compared to that of other companies?

On social media all products and services can be given feedback, ratings reading their service and usage and online reviews are taken from the customers. Online Reputation and brand management can widen its scope to different other social media platforms which widen the out reach of the company to more and more people.

What are the charges of FDM for Online reputation management services?

The billing of Online Reputation management services takes place on an hourly basis. If FDM has signed a contract with the company the unused man-hours will be rolled over for further projects.

What are the companies which are suitable for FDM’s Online reputation management service?

FDM undertakes some research regarding the company before undertaking the Online reputation and brand management of their client. This gives them the best idea of how to best project the brand of the company.


What is the uniqueness of the web design and development services offered by FDM and other companies ?

Websites define the idea of a client regarding the company. If early impressions are marred it is difficult to build the impression later. The website built by our company keeps in mind the intrinsic need of the customer to interact with the people online. The unique requirements of the customer are highlighted while designing the website. Our team makes an effort to gather the basic understanding of the company or the client to build a website, This helps the team designing the website to understand the overall objective and build the site accordingly to meet client expectations. We deliver our work against set timelines with perfection and commitment.

What are the charges of FDM for website design and development?

A website design is custom-made according to the need of the customer or client. A proposal is submitted to the customer or client which contains the detailed design, the milestones of development, and the terms of payments that need to be made before any development work commences.

What kind of clients does FDM consider as the right fit for website design and development services?

Any client building a website for a long-term period is the kind of client who is the right fit for FDM. We build websites that are uniquely built for different kinds of services keeping in mind the different kinds of customers for varied geographical locations. If you are looking for something new and unique we are the right fit for you.

What is the cost to get the website at the top of the Google Search page?

The prices for website designing and digital marketing are different for different companies. It will also vary for different geographical locations. It is completely case to case basis. A proposal can be submitted which would include the design, the cost of development, and terms of payment before the work commences.

Can the payment be made after the result has been seen?

We start work for the SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Logo design, Facebook Marketing Campaigns, Conversion Rate Optimization, LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns, Pay Per Click (PPC), Video Marketing, Branding, and Creative Services
For services like Strategy and Analytics Consulting, Email Marketing Campaigns, WhatsApp Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Competitive Analysis, Online Reputation Management, Google My Business, the payments need to be made within one week (7) days from the date of processing of the Invoice. 50% of charges for the service like Website Testing, Website Hosting, Domain Hosting Management, and Ecommerce has to be paid in advance within one week (days from the date of processing of the invoice.

I have tried Google AdWords, Is SEO a better pick?

Google Ad words are for immediate results and are costly to the pocket. It is difficult to sustain for a long time especially if the business is new or has a cash crunch. However, to generate organic leads it is always good to generate leads through SEO campaigns and build awareness online which also builds the name and the brand of the product or service being advertised. As you already know, Google AdWords is a time being process done to get immediate and better results. But SEO is far better as it is organic and it doesn’t cost anything to Google.


Is it possible to review the previous work and the result of other websites?

When you go through our portfolio you will be able to see previous work and results of other clients.

What is the reason for a better ranking of my competitors?

A be at the top of the page of a search engine it is important that new content should be put in regularly so that it reaches the target audience in a finite time and gives the required result. The content should be meaningful and drafted well to get picked up by search engines.

Which One is the Right Marketing Plan For Your Trademark?

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