Why is SEO important in 2021

Why is SEO important in 2021

Are you confused on what to focus on SEO this 2021? Google keeps altering the trends, techniques, and strategies year to year to enhance its search services. It’s best to assure that you keep the pace and prepare for the upcoming changes.

With the end of 2019, its important to understand what trends matter in 2020 that can help businesses to plan strategies.

The power of SEO in driving organic traffic is absolutely clear. The Organic search is dominating the paid web traffic in 2019 and so this implies that Optimizing pages for SEO is going to be even more important in 2021, because of the rise of the organic search above other search traffic.

In this blog, we will be sharing a few SEO techniques that work for your website, this 2020. It isn’t the basic SEO scenarios like optimizing your heading, laying keywords on the page, or other strategies. FDM is one of the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, that provides the best SEO services in Chennai, best analytics in Chennai and the best Adwords services in Chennai. Let’s learn the tidbits from the experts.

Voice search

Voice search is becoming increasingly famous as more people use search queries in the same way that they speak.

You ought to notice that most of these search queries are mostly long-tail and are very specific. Nowadays people want a specific answer to the specific question they ask.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets usually sit at ‘position 0’. Usually, this position is used to display answers to queries/ topics briefly. Most people desire that spot as it improves brand awareness, increases traffic to your website, boosts revenue, and improves overall marketing strategy.
This can be done by:

Creating specific content that your readers want
Creating high-quality content
Try to answer the best answer
Incorporate Wanda pages on your site
YouTube SEO

Video SEO

Video promoting is beginning to develop and if you are keen on associating with your potential users through video, it is crucial to concentrate on how you can best utilize recordings to get customers. You can use YouTube to demonstrate your products and to display your brand.

YouTube has billions of users and this improvement can help your site rank well through the web crawlers. It also helps improve your traffic in a multitude of perspectives. Make sure that your YouTube videos are well SEO optimized.

Quality vs Quantity of the Content

Content quality has become very important and this trend will continue to persist in 2020.

Though the amount of content produced is still important, prioritizing quality is more important than ever. Back links are still important, but more important is determining how good the quality of your website is.

This year of SEO is all about user-friendly URLs, optimizing of images, internal structure backlinks and linking.

User Experience

A recent study stated that about 70%-80% of the users don’t pay heed to advertisements. This proves that ranking organically is more important than paying Google to keep your page on the top of search results. This is of no use as it not only makes most users ignore the sponsored search results but are also most likely to not trust the brand. So it’s absolutely important to partner with the best website designers in Chennai to help your users enjoy a seamless user experience.


SEO algorithm updates keep happening. Nowadays SEO is entirely holistic and requires a mix of both offline/online marketing strategies. It is necessary to Invest your business in SEO in the long run for lead capturing and generation and keep yourself updated in the latest SEO trends. Partner with the experts at FDM to implement the best SEO services in Chennai.

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