Few Advanced Mobile Web Designing Strategies

Few Advanced Mobile Web Designing Strategies

In today’s world we all access web pages through personal computers, laptops and through easy to carry gadgets such as mobiles and tablets etc. But have you tried anytime to look the same site via laptop and mobile at the same time.

If yes, then is your usage experience in either same or different? 

With no argument the access to the website designing company in Chennai from your laptop and mobile definitely varies. There is always a difference in user experience of a website’s mobile version and laptop version. In most of the cases the web version of a site is more users friendly than the mobile version or vice versa. It is because of the comfort level difference in navigation and lack of user interface along with difference in functionality in both the web version and mobile version of the same website. 

Designers are continuously thinking to adjust this difference in viewer’s experience so that they find no change in both mobile and web version of the site. However there is a lot of research done on this aspect, there hasn’t been any better solution on this. 

With the invention of smartphones combines with newest strong processors and GPU, extra efforts are put in by the famous sites who have surfaced new mobile apps meant for android and windows smartphones to improve the user experience of accessing the website through mobile.

Reframed calendar’s suitable with web version and mobile version

Not all calendar is created to function at array of websites when accessed through personal PCs and mobile version of the same web page. So when a calendar is specifically created for mobile website designing company in Chennai accessed via personal computers and laptops is accessed via smart phone its performance is below the expected quality.

Though the appearance and function of the same can be optimized for mobile version with the help of java script and carousels, afterwards carousels can be merged as one to offer simple browsing of dates and occasions simultaneously. This will aid the calendar to function evenly when you access via mobiles, laptops or personal computer.

Pictures: Zoom in with a one pinch

Many of us must have come across the experience of pinching a picture to zoom in and get a bigger view of the image. This pinch and zoom technique is used on a large scale to zoom the size of the font in some sites however pinch to zoom in text in web pages isn’t considered as an ideal formatting style. Nowadays there are many sites that are allowing visitors to use pinch to zoom technique to zoom the pictures in the web page in both the web version of the site and mobile version of the site. This has been a great option for viewers to see the images in the site in a better way.

Framing a perfect setup of content

For improving the web user’s experience in their sites, most of the site owners are framing the content in a specific technique framing a list of contents which categorizes the sub heads or list in a particular hierarchy such as an alphanumeric format (A to Z). This has also supported the visitors to access various pages in the website with Seo service in chennai for the required information in the site in a much easier way. 

The above changes can be implemented with the help of new or existing website with the help of iscroll.js and double carousel without creating any disturbance in the content of page i.e. this technology can be included in the website without changing anything in the contents of the webpages. 

Off canvas flyouts

Off canvas flyouts is actually a more technical term referring the very less visited or viewed locations in a website development company in chennai which is longing for a lap or swipe from the users viewing the site. Nowadays the situation of off-canvas flyouts are known to be helpful for navigation purpose. It is helpful in various websites for hiding menus and static contents in the web pages and at times it also supports dynamic content too.

Huge Image Carousels

Huge image carousels aren’t many designer’s choice to include in mobile versions as they come with performance and navigation issues. 

Low Performance

Huge image carousels is missed when it about displaying numerous objects in a stretch. For instance if numerous pictures are to be arranged in a single row in a web page it isn’t possible to include image carousel as the size of the image would be big as the gadget screen and therefore many pictures arranged in one stretch many not work.

Also while accessing the site on mobile it might result in mobile browser crashing as you try to open various components in the webpage. Therefore optimizing picture carousels size is required in majority of the situations to resolve the low performance issues. 


Navigation is another problem related to huge image carousels. When there are too many images set in a web page designing in carousels size then navigating might be a bit complicated and cause inconvenience for the web user. Apart from consuming a lot of time for navigation through all pictures in the web page it might result in heavy web page. The size of the web page may lead to too much of space occupation in the website and also lead to too much internet data consumption. 

This problem can be solved to an extent by framing a grid pattern through carousel HTML by implementing changes in the image location and CSS.

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