CTR is not Dead, Here’s the proof

CTR is not Dead, Here’s the proof

Since the 1990s email marketing has been a legitimate channel for marketing and finding prospects. There are new email supporting software that helps to capture information and measure the performance of the marketing campaigns.

Email marketers measure performance on a high-level based on two metrics open and clickthrough rate.

The open rate indicates the percentage of receivers who opened the email and Click Through Rate ( CTR ) gauges the percentage of email receivers who clicked the email links. Your email subject line and Preview text influence recipients to open your email or take action like clicking links, CTA’s, etc.

A low open rate can make your clickthrough rate weaker, Remember the highest click-through rate could not be the indicator of engagement. If you want to measure your click-through rate accurately a CTOR stimulates you to find the campaign’s true engagement. Do you have an email marketing plan in mind, contact the experts at FDM for digital marketing services in Chennai

CTOR (Click to open rate )

A CTOR defines the percentage of unique receivers who clicked the link after opening the email.

How to calculate CTOR:

The formula is simple: Dividing the number of unique clicks by no. of unique opens. The result is multiplied by 100.

CTR = Unique Clicks / Unique Opens * 100

Let’s assume:

You send an email to 1500 subscribers, 30 People open the email, with 15 clicks.
Here’s the result could be
CTOR: ( 15/30 )* 100 = 50%

That means there are 50% of email clickers that opened the email. While using this formula you should count only the unique opens and clicks. For example, If one of your subscribers opens an email in the noon and clicks the link, After few hours the same subscriber goes back and clicks the same link again.

You can’t count the same subscriber twice otherwise the data would be a muddle. So now you know how to calculate CTOR. You can also set your benchmark for email campaigns. In 2020, The average CTOR across all industries is 14.3%. The highest CTOR in Real Estate, construction, and Design industries is 17.7%.

The lowest CTOR is 8.9% for food and beverage brands.
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CTOR is the best metric for gauging your email campaign’s in-depth results. This metric unveils more insights about your marketing campaign that helps your team understand more results about your email marketing.

Click-Through Rate ( CTR ) is a valuable metric that tracks your holistic view of emails’ performance.

How to Improve CTOR:

By using the below steps you can enhance your CTOR:

  1. Add CTA Buttons:

    A good email has a few attributes: enticing images, engaging body text, and strong CTA’s ( Call to Action ) Buttons.

You could also use plain text-based CTA’s like “click here for more information” rather than Buttons. The reports suggest that
28% of conversions would happen by click on a button rather than a text link.

  1. Place your CTA after showing the offer or services, not before.
  2. Use action-words like “Discover”, “find” and “start”.
  3. Keep the text short

Finally, Your CTA shouldn’t occupy more space, otherwise, the overall user experience can be hinder. Get assistance from the SEO experts in Chennai for devising an SEO roadmap ahead.

  1. Stick to one CTA

Some brands use multiple CTA’s in their emails. Even if you put 3 or 4 CTA’s in the email most of the subscribers click only one to find what they are interested in. You will see this frequently in retail offer emails. Remember that too many choices in CTA can confuse your reader. But it’s never too late to try. Experiment with different CTAs and test what’s best for you.

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