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When we put all traditional and newer forms of marketing in a chart, we know content marketing fairly tips towards the newer side. It is a form that gains consumer’s attention in return of great relatable content which is appreciated, liked, shared and engaged with. Usually a traditional method of marketing would offer a consumer a service that the brand wants to sell, but in this case the offering is content and once that content gathers consumer’s attention it carefully places a product proposition within the content itself.

The process of content marketing includes researching, planning, crafting, publishing and sharing that content across multiple channels and platforms that can help reach the content its true potential. Because if content is king, distribution is the queen.

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In today’s competitive online space, any content that interrupts the experience of the consumer is no longer considered an advertisement; it’s a pop-up that is meant to be skipped. The key to creating great advertising content is to tell a story through inbound marketing strategies and seamlessly integrate products or services. In today’s competitive online space, any content that interrupts the experience of the consumer is no longer considered an advertisement; it’s a pop-up that is meant to be skipped. The key to creating great advertising content is to tell a story through inbound marketing strategies and seamlessly integrate products or services.

1) Creating awareness (industry and product) in consumer’s mindspace and heartspace.

2) Scratching beneath the surface and building meaningful customer relationships.

3) Shifting the consumer behaviour from a group of brand loyalists to an evangelist community

4) Building true brand values and increase brand recall

5) Initiating organic, healthy and original conversations around the brand.


While content marketing is a vast area, as a digital marketing agency we understand the need for dissecting different strategies. Each of these verticals plays a unique role in the lives of both a brand and a consumer. So, without further ado let’s jump into the most popular types of content marketing that exist today.

In the digital world, the future is dynamic content, or video. Consumers interact with video content of the brands they are interested in. Video content marketing allows you a span of time to visually show your brand’s story or a particular product’s offerings or build Reasons To Believe. As more and more netizens tend to watch video content, it’s natural to explore this type of content marketing.

You can use this style of content marketing to talk about your brand’s values and create a manifesto. A great example for this can be how Nike uses its video content to not show benefits of wearing Nike shoes, but the feeling associated with those who wear similar shoes.

Another way of using video content marketing can be to talk purely about product benefits. An example for this can be how apple utilizes its videos. It shows beautiful product shots of an iPhone, talks about all its features and then ends the video with its tagline.

Essentially, there is no hard and fast rule to ace the video content marketing, just defining a space that’s correct for your brand and your consumer’s experience with the brand.

Social media accounts are the hub where most content rests, picks up, goes around and starts conversation. Social media platforms like instagram, facebook and twitter are where almost all content that is worth anyone’s attention is created and posted. Think about it, do you really consider yourself a brand lover if you don’t follow that brand on the gram? Ofcourse not. The thing about succeeding in creating social media content is to be as true and unique to your industry as possible.

Some of the brands that do this really well are always ruling their category. For example, zomato’s instagram handle is filled with food related content. Not only beautiful pictures of food but also all sorts of puns, jokes and insights that bind us together as a country, but revolve around food. Similarly a fashion brand like Levi’s has all their content about their products but also how beautiful you will look when you wear them. Social media content marketing is all about bringing your brand’s ideal image to life.

Now a lot of brands do not fit in the category of visually appealing, lifestyle, FMCG products. How do they use great content on social media. For them, it’s all about info-visuals. Say your brand is a business magazine or an insurance service- you can’t have good looking photos on your facebook. But you can have informative content presented in a visually complimentary manner. This type of content is called info-visual or info-graphics. IBM, Wipro and some other top brands use this type of content in a great manner.

Paid Ads Content Marketing is a really strong form of inbound marketing that has picked up in the last few years. A lot of people are influenced in their buying decisions by the social image of the brand and even more so by ads on platforms like facebook, instagram etc. Paid content helps you reach out to a much wider range of audience groups. It generates some serious quality and fulfilling leads and is known to be one of the best ways to generate more business.

A lot of e-commerce brands are killing it with paid ads content marketing strategies as they follow your opinion and choices around to give you a holistic view and experience that compels you to make purchases.

Now on almost all content platforms, apart from brands there are a lot of special content creators that cater to the audience specific to that platform. Youtube has vloggers, video essayists, gamers. Instagram has lifestyle and fashion influencers. Facebook has groups like Fitness First etc.

When a brand decides to steer a conversation towards them through inbound marketing, there is a collaboration that happens between them and such a creator. For example, an audio products brand collaborates with a musician that talks about their listening experience on instagram, creates brand visibility and more importantly builds brand credibility. Many more such examples can be cited where collaborative content marketing can help build a brand’s case in the mind and hearts of a consumer through the right association.

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