Why Should Businesses Prefer Advertising On Facebook?

Today’s companies cannot ignore social media. Irrespective of their size, companies must build a strong social media presence and use this channel to connect with the target audience and market their products.

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Despite the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat especially among the youngsters, Facebook still remains the King of Social Network. Companies can leverage this huge platform for their social media advertising activities.

Why should Companies Advertise on Facebook?

a. Your Right Target Audience is on the Facebook

There are two billion people active on Facebook, more than 1.55 billion people log onto Facebook every month and 1.39 billion visits it via mobile. A person spends almost 2.5 hours on Social media and much of this is on Facebook. What do these figures mean to a business? Facebook has a large user base which spends a huge amount of time on this platform every single day of every month. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses as within this massive user base is its future customers. Facebook ads help a company connect with the right audience. Our talented team of social media experts at best social media marketing companies in Chennai specializes in Facebook advertising.

b. Facebook Ads are Affordable

Advertising on Facebook can be comparatively cheaper than traditional advertising. Companies have the freedom to decide how much they want to spend on their ads. A company can decide on a custom budget depending on its needs at the outset itself which means more the budget more Facebook users will be reached. Once the maximum ad budget is reached Facebook will stop showing the ad. We at the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai will give you the best ROI on your Facebook ad spend by

c. You can Target Specific Users

Since Facebook has a lot of information about its users, a company can target those users who would most likely become its customers. Companies can promote to customers according to their age, gender, location, interests, location, behaviour, etc. Thus using Facebook companies can create customized ads because this platform has a wide range of ad formats to choose from. FDM the best google Adwords campaign agencies in Chennai can help you create ads that help you target the right people at the right moment on Facebook.

d. Facebook provides Effective Remarketing Tools

Facebook enables advertisers to reach those who have previously visited their website in the past and not yet made any purchase and who are still in the awareness stage. This is called Remarketing. Remarketing a product to a target audience again increases the chances that the audience will make a purchase.

e. Facebook Ads help you find New Leads

Once a company finds its target customer base, it is possible to reach out and attract similar people by using the feature called “lookalike audiences” in Facebook. This new audience is more likely to be interested in the company’s business.

A company can realize the potential of social media advertising by advertising on Facebook. Talk to us at FDM the Best SMO services in Chennai to know more about our Facebook advertising strategies.

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