What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing Campaigns

Politics and Business are not mutually exclusive as they were once. Consumers are changing the rules every day. Their expectations of the retailers are changing. Today’s consumers will not buy from the brands that do not align with their values.

Customers want brands to take a stance on the social, political and environmental issues that matter to them and support these issues. Creating a thoughtful inclusive marketing campaign can be one of the ways a brand can speak up its values.

What is Inclusive Marketing?

Inclusive marketing means creating content that resonates with people from all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion or sexual orientation. In this way, the company can embrace people’s differences and needs and thereby reach out to a wider target audience. Some inclusive marketing campaigns could address global issues while some could break old stereotypes best SMO services in Chennai

Becoming inclusive begins with getting close to the customers as people and knowing their lives- How they have lived their lives amidst various biases, stereotypes and prejudices. Once the company has this knowledge it can communicate and connect to its customers and not merely talk to them.

Why Do Brands Need Inclusive Marketing?

Every company needs to realize that inclusive marketing is the way to go in this era of global interaction. Companies that do not embrace it will be outperformed by competition. Consumers want to see their favourite companies, big or small, take a stand on social issues. By speaking up for the causes that matter to its consumers and by representing the marginalized people in its content, brands can prove to its customers that it has understood them and it supports their needs. An inclusive content could feature ad photos featuring people of different genders, races or colours, or feature blogs written by authors from the minority community. All these prove the company supports causes outside its business and that it is giving a voice to everyone.

How to do Inclusive Content Marketing?

a. Think beyond the target demographics

Many of the times brands confine their ad campaigns to a specific demographic without considering the people outside the demographic. Reaching out to a wide audience makes more sense. For these brands must take time to research and understand who they are, what they are looking for in the brands and what they want to hear from the companies. Brands must work on ways to include all these groups of people and create content accordingly.

b. Listen to the Customers

One of the best places to learn can be the real customer base. Marketers today can stand out only by listening to customers. This is the best way to understand them, learn about their wishes, interests, personality, language and culture. Engaging with the customers on their preferred channels, i.e., either directly or on social media or through surveys, is the best way to get the opinion of the consumers on what they want.

c. Begin with Internal Changes
Companies cannot preach inclusion in their campaigns without first implementing it within their own teams. Brands must embrace inclusion by making internal changes first. Hiring more diverse teams can be one way of doing this. Holding discussions with the team members and seeking inputs from them will ensure that everyone in the company is working towards the same goal best digital marketing company in Chennai

d. Talk About What Matters

P&G won an outstanding commercial Emmy award for an ad called ‘The Talk’ that was centred around ‘ conversation that African American parents often have with their children to educate them about the racial biases and prejudices they may face because of the colour of their skin. In its ad, P&G didn’t sell any products, instead, it began a discussion on racism by openly talking about it. This conversation then spilled onto social media threads and public discussions.

By including a serious story, the company became an advocate of a cause, the racial discrimination faced by the Afro-American community. It began a discussion, in the process paving way for others to speak out.

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