What Should Businesses Know About Creative Marketing

The dynamics of Marketing have acquired over the past several decades. From mass marketing to direct marketing to social and digital media marketing, the growth of digital technology and digital media has updated consumer buying pattern over the years forcing companies to develop new marketing strategies in order to survive.

Today’s consumers are using more devices, have access to more data and have huge expectations regarding product performance. Brands must think out-of-the-box and develop new marketing strategies. Creative marketing is the process of selling things using creative talent in areas such as art, music, interior design and architecture. Following are the examples of creative marketing

a. Branding

Branding is a practice of actively shaping your brand by creating a name, symbol or design that consumers can identify as belonging to the company. The process of creating a brand is dependent on visual arts, music and copyright. The look and feel of your brand, right from the logo and typography to the packaging can both attract and influence customers. Thus while creating a brand identity it is important to pick the right visuals and content and also maintain a consistent tone to support your brand. Call experts at FDM, digital marketing services in Chennai for your branding needs.

b. Promotion

Brand experience can be enhanced using the visual and audio advertisement. The world of advertising has undergone numerous changes and today’s consumers are attracted more by audiovisual content.

c. Products and Services

Consumers today are looking for products and services that appeal to their senses. Today’s product managers are keenly interested in the visual design, the look and feel of the product. This encompasses focusing on the colour, typography, user interfaces, packaging and other aesthetic features while designing the products.

d. Customer Experience

Audiovisual communications can play a key role in improving the customer experience. Digital signage enables brands to display more engaging content and enhances customer experience. Besides Digital signage, LCD or LED panels and speakers can be included to add an audio element which improves customer experience. Research has also shown that customers spent more time in stores with music, thereby bringing more revenue to the stores. Best content marketers in Chennai
Companies also invest a lot in developing a good and trendy showroom. A retail showroom interior design must be visually appealing and must create an unforgettable customer experience.

e. Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising (VM) is the practice of presenting your products to the customers in the most attractive way so as to maximize sales. VM starts with window display. VM focuses on maximising the aesthetics of the product and store. Tactics used by companies to showcase their brands are

  1. Eye-catching visuals to attract consumers
  2. Bright colours to enhance the atmosphere of the store
  3. Creative Lighting to create unique effects
  4. Playing music to attract consumers
    Marketers are thus using creative content to capture the audience’s attention, improve communication and ultimately improve sales.
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Which One is the Right Marketing Plan For Your Trademark?

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