What Are SEO Myths – Analyzing With SEO Consultancy Services Chennai

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in your business. May it be local or international business owners are raking SEO companies in Chennai to reap the advantages of getting a good rank in a search engine and transform as an easily searchable site.

Check out the myths and facts about SEO and the truth behind them before you call for an SEO consultancy in Chennai.

Assuming Google Listing is the best option to improve SEO

There is no single way to enhance your SEO. Rather it is an amalgamation of different functions and techniques that have been followed constantly in a logical manner. Companies may ask for business listing and enhance the accessibility of the content in the search engine ranking. It may boost SEO but only to a specific limit SEO service in Chennai

Passed are links, Citation is the trend

Link building was one of the key techniques to attract likely and unlikely, directed and undirected web spiders which as time passed by has faded away. It used to be very inaccurate and is now replaced with citation. It doesn’t mean that link building is of no help. Quality of links and citations are necessary rather than the number or quantity. Spammy links are obviously not appreciated by Google.

Social Media is meant for entertainment

This is a general assumption of business owners that social media is designed only to upload images and videos. This approach has had a hit on various companies more seriously than they thought. They are in fact missing away something which has a good potential reach.

The actual fact is social media such as Twitter and Facebook aids in inviting millions of web users and this can pass on to other sites too which results in the formation of numerous backlinks. Facebook also has turned out to be one of the best and leading referral platform that aids in turning the traffic towards the site and also helps in enhancing the sales of the business Best SMO services in Chennai

The trick to utilize is being active, posting quality content and being interactive to the visitors. These indicate that you are participative in nature with your prospective clients.

More Google Plus Followers indicates Better Results

Staying active on Google undoubtedly supports SEO but this leads to the quarrel between quality and quantity aspects. Search Engine can easily analyze the quality of the posts – high or low. It expects you as a website developer to know the same. It is always recommended to post interesting content and spend your time on that rather than counting the followers. Focusing on the audience is more significant than having a meaningless mass crowd.

User Experience is secondary

This is one of high misconception in SEO, particularly in present day’s scenario. User experience is one of the important factors in today’s website usage. Sharing a good responsive template with your client improves the probability of gaining good customers and helps in understanding the needs of your customers.

Include all that makes sense to your clients may it be videos, image or just textual content. End-user is the final destiny for a site, so design the content based on the interest of the end-user.

Final word

So hope you have now some knowledge about the most fatal myths in SEO. Break these myths and build good SEO strategies and boost your search engine rank. Choose the best SEO consultancy service Chennai that give you the best SEO strategies for increasing the website traffic and gain a good rank.

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