Top Instagram Analytical Tools That Can Fuel Up Your Instagram Marketing

With its biteable and entertaining piece of content, Instagram is a hot spot among millennials! Recently, businesses have joined the bandwagon to deliver value, improve brand awareness to grab eyeballs using Instagram.

The power of Instagram marketing is further magnified with Facebook built in tools which help in knowing your customers better.
So how do you gain insights out of Instagram Marketing?
Instagram Analytics tools are the best way to know about your target audience better so that you could optimize your content and design your marketing funnel all the way. You could obtain data about the followers, their interests and pave way for creating customized content for your audience as well as chart your online marketing plans. Following are the popular Instagram Analytical Tools which businesses can use to their advantage Best SMO services in Chennai

  1. Instagram Insights

This native tool is quite easy to understand and businesses can gain an insight into how their content is performing using this tool. Right from how the audience is able to access one’s post to when the audience comes online, what they click after coming online, what they like, businesses can collect the audience demographics using this tool. The number of likes and impressions garnered by a post can also be seen.

  1. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite is a social media management platform and it has an analytics component. Using this tool company can compare the Instagram post metrics and get custom reports. Since Hootsuite supports all major social media platforms, they can collect all the data from one place. Businesses can also gain an understanding of the performance of their content and the areas where they need to improve.

  1. Iconosquare

Businesses can get valuable data like a number of customers who are following them on Instagram using Iconosquare. They can also understand how their Instagram stories are performing. Iconosquare also offers social media management and scheduling tools and is super easy to work with SEO Services in Chennai

  1. SquareLovin

This is a very useful Instagram analytics tool. It helps to analyse the extent of engagement of one’s recent posts. It also compares the photos once they are posted and shows the top-performing ones. SquareLovin is a good option when one wants to know which the best time to post content.

  1. Keyhole

This tool is specifically useful in tracking recent and popular branded hashtags and keywords. Businesses can get daily reports and also real-time feedback from their customers for specific keywords and hashtags. They can also analyse the competitor’s activity using this tool.

  1. HyperAuditor

Businesses can identify Instagram influencers and also connect with them based on their reach, demographics and followers using this tool. The authenticity of the influencers, i.e., do they have real or fake followers, can also be found out using this tool.


Instagram Marketing has gained the credibility as one of the most powerful tools of marketing. Leveraging this could not only step up your marketing game but also improves the face of the brand. So it becomes imperative that you partner with a professional digital marketing services to deliver the right dose of creativity and strategy with your Instagram Marketing!

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