Tools To Build An Effective B2B Marketing Sales Funnel

Just as the opportunities have increased for a B2B in today’s digital age so have the challenges. With the increased competition, generating and converting the leads is the primary challenge for any B2B.

This calls for optimising the sales funnel. How can B2Bs optimise their sales funnel?

  1. Lead generation is the process of identifying ideal customers for your product and then attracting them to purchase it. This lead generation process is very crucial for the success of a business. The challenge is however to find what will really work. Every business is different and each business has its own way of generating leads. This process is however long, hard, painful and can be quite frustrating for marketers. The growth of the Internet has further complicated the process. People are no longer comfortable sharing their emails or other contact details. The best digital marketing agency uses a variety of digital marketing tools to generate leads and grow your business.

    In this scenario, B2Bs can use the following strategies to generate more leads

a. B2Bs can use AI-enabled chatbots to automate the lead generation process and the sales funnel. The chatbots send messages, answer questions and send them specific links or direct them to the right team based on their responses. These chatbots help the business to engage with the customers instantly and thereby increase the number of leads and conversion rates Best SMO services in Chennai

b. B2Bs can integrate appointment scheduling software like Appointfix in their website offering the potential leads an option to directly book an appointment or consultation with you quickly and according to their schedule. This improves customer experience and conversion rates.

c. B2Bs can also engage with the leads through AI-powered surveys on topics that will capture the attention of the leads SEO service in chennai

d. Today the number of executives in a decision-making unit (DMU) in a B2B is more. A content strategy must address the different organizational and personal priorities of all the executives in a DMU in order to be effective. Examples of consumer-facing lead magnets are whitepapers, videos and webinars

e. B2Bs can use visitor identification software to get details about profiles of visitors and the companies behind them. The final goal is to convert these leads into customers.

f. B2B can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to target specific audiences with their paid ads.

  1. Automate the Lead Nurturing Process

Once you have attracted the leads it is important to nurture them, i.e., build relationships with the leads by communicating with them. B2Bs can benefit by using AI to automate the nurturing process. Tools like can be used to track and use data about the leads, segment them and move them rapidly through the sales funnel. This saves time for the sales team and increases their overall productivity and success rates. We are a full-service digital marketing agency in Chennai strategies like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC can help in effective lead generation and nurture the leads.

  • Optimise the Sales Funnel
    • Optimise the Sales Funnel with A/b Testing Optimising your sales funnel is not a one-time deal. It is a continuous process. B2Bs can apply A/B tests in Finteza, a web analytics service, to optimise the sales funnel.

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