Simplify Your Social Media With Social Media Management Tools

Social Media has progressed to be a successful channel for small businesses. It enables us to find a prospective audience and drive more traffic to our websites. There are plenty of social management platforms in the market and every tool has its own unique value that it can give to businesses.

The main concern is to manage all the social media network channels which could get tedious over time Best SMO services in Chennai

Social Media Management tools help you to analyze, automate and better control your social media accounts. These tools can post the same update on your social network channels as well as it ushers you to post the right
content at the right time.

In this article, we, FDM the social media marketing company in Chennai unveil the most 4 common social media management tools that would help small businesses.

  1. Buffer Publish
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Zoho
  4. MeetEdgar


Recently Buffer has changed their name officially called Buffer publish. Buffer is one of the most popular tool to aim scheduling posts in all platforms. Buffer Manages facebook, instagram, Twitter and LInkedin business pages.After you connect with your buffer account it by default shows the four time zone slots in a day for scheduling content. Contact FDM social media services in Chennai for the best timing to post.


If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for all of your social media platforms, Hoot suite can fulfill your needs.
The app is connected with 35 various social networks, like facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and pinterest etc..

Hootsuite allows you to create your own scheduling time or by using auto schedling feature to post your content a best
engagement times. By importing a csv file with prepared content hootsuite will trigger all of your updates in a queue as per time
scheduling. Once your queue is filled up then it’s easy to look at the posts from the app. Hootsuite help you to reorder your posts with one simple drag and drop function.


Zoho is not only for a social media management tool it pretended as a CRM. By using Zoho social you can post updates on all of your social network channels once.
Zoho is a comprehensive social media management tool to supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and googles my business. Need tips on Facebook marketing? Call FDM social media marketing company in Chennai for social media with an edge.


MeetEdgar is one of the social media auto-scheduling tool. MeetEdgar just for scheduling updates and behaves like an analytics tool as well. It is compatible with Instagram, LinkedIn, facebook and Twitter.

Above outlined are the top social media management tools that worked for many. It not only makes managing easy but also help you to analyse its performance with built in tools that gives the entire analytics at one shot.

Need more tips on Social Media management. We are an expert Branding companies in Chennai that help brands innovate and upgrade their social media.

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