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Search engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most promising digital business techinque of today. Nowadays millions of people rely on search engine for growing their business.

The best spot for the advertisers would be target to rank in Familiar search engines like Google and Bing, and appear in top searches there.

Before advertising, formulate the type of business format to be listed in search engine result pages whether it is text-based ads or product listing ads based on your business goal.


Both SEO and SEM are fundamental of online marketing . SEM is similar to SEO and the major difference lies in process and not in the goals.

In search engine marketing the advertisers bid over the keywords across their services and the businesses should pay to Google for showing ads in search results SEO service in Chennai

But in search engine optimization the advertisers need not pay anything to Google and it’s an entirely organic way to rank in the SERP.

Let’s deep dive into SEM

  1. Keyword Research:

Before starting the optimization, you need to finalize the keywords for your SEM campaigns. You need to prepare a comprehensive set of keywords for your business. There are a lot of free keyword tools to figure out the keywords for your campaigns among them Google Keyword Planner is the one to accomplish your keyword research. This is a free keyword planner provided by Google that helps you pick the right kind of keywords.

  1. Account Structure:
    The another most noticeable aspect of a successful search engine Marketing campaign is account structure.

Both keywords grouping and account structure ensure you to accomplish lower cost per click and high click through rates.

The Account structure is comprised of 5 distinct elements.
I. As campaign
II. Adgroup
III. Keywords
IV. Ad Text
V. Landing Pages.

  1. Ad Auction:

Setting the advertising budget is one of the complicated aspects where most people make mistakes. You need a strategy to carefully design the auction which is further reviewed by Google before the Ad shows up in search engine result pages. Count on FDM, the best digital marketing service provider in Chennai to get your ad campaigns right.

  1. Ad Auction work:

Not every Ad will appear in search engine. Google considers two important factors in Ad Auction process that are cost per click Bid and Quality score.

During the ad auction process, Google calculates these two metrics and determine the Ad Rank. Based on the Ad Rank the Ads will be displayed on search engine result pages. If your Ad Rank waned your Ad displayed After all your competitor’s Google AdWords service in Chennai

  1. Quality Score:

Last But not least Quality score is the crucial metrics in Search Engine Marketing. Indeed Google display Ads top quality score websites even though their CPC Bid lesser than competitors. High Quality score can helps you to accomplish higher Ad Rank at lower costs.

To get your quality score right, you need to work on the landing page experience, which falls back on the website design.

SEM is something that experts can handle pretty well as involves strategy as well as complications- but definitely worth cashing on for.

We at FDM, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai are strategists who can help you reach your SEM goals without any hassle involved. Call the experts now.

Which One is the Right Marketing Plan For Your Trademark?

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