How To Execute A Successful Email Campaign?

Email Marketing is one of the flexible strategies for marketers as well as business owners who want to get leads for their business. Without a proper email strategy, it could be very tricky to generate leads and pull them to the customer’s bucket.

In this article, we outline the 7 email best techniques that will help you to reach customers very closely.

  1. Don’t buy email addresses: Every email campaign would depend on the open and click rates of the emails. Sending emails to the bought data audience could impact your email performance and ultimately could make you frantic. Instead of purchasing email addresses from third-party software, it’s better to be authentic and engage your audience with your business services. We at FDM, a digital marketing agency in Chennai, help you gather authentic emails and add value to your business.
  2. Don’t mention ‘No-Reply’ in senders’ email address: Do you know the word ‘CAN-SPAM’? This was longstanding in US legislative for Email Marketers, and still, most of the companies comply with that rule before sending their emails. One of the prominent rules in CAN-SPAM is, don’t use ‘foreplay words in senders email addresses [email protected] as companies consider no-reply emails are system generated emails. These types of emails lose the interest of the reader and draw no attention to the email.
  3. Use Consistent typefaces: Despite high business branding, if your emails have a clutter of typefaces or images, people do not get the interest to open and click your emails. It’s important not to spam your email using more than 3 typefaces. We help you design a click-worthy email at FDM, a digital marketing agency in Chennai that is persuasive and great to look at.
  4. Add the signature bottom of the email: Even if you sent your newsletter or plain text emails to your contacts on behalf of your company or individual, there should be an email signature at the end of every mail. A personal touch could go a long way to pique the interest if the sender is a person rather than a team.
  5. Clean your mailing list frequently: It’s tempting to send emails to a good number of audiences. But maintaining contacts who never opened your emails so far that could be affecting your open rate and make your campaign worse. Analyse who are not engaged with your email campaigns then opt them-out of your emails list. That can boost your email campaign results tremendously. Always remember to retain a clean contacts list. Want a great email list, FDM Best SMO services in Chennai can help you do that.
  6. Email Greeting Personalization: Personalizing the first name email greetings grab the attention of the reader. This is called personalization. Instead of simply “Hi/Hello/Dear” Add “Hello Firstname” that builds a compelling relationship with prospect. There are so many email marketing tools in the market that provide personalization field by default in emails.
  7. Keep 500-650 pixels wide emails: If your email is more than 650 pixels wide, your email could get cluttered. You are prompting users to scroll horizontally for reading the complete message. A pixel width is an essential component of capturing leads. Your audience experiences an awkward read when there are wider pixel emails on mobile devices. Call FDM at Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai to execute a fantastic email campaign that can bring great sales!

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