How To Do A Social Media Audit

Any business using social media for marketing needs to know what is happening on each of the social media channels and if it’s social media strategy is in tandem with its business goals. This is where an Audit of its social media accounts can help a business.

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What is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit can be defined as a series of steps taken by a business to review its current social metrics in order to assess growth and opportunities and decide on ways to improve its social presence.
A social media audit essentially resolve the following important metrics
a. How many followers a business is gaining each month on each social media platform?
b. Has the business improved its engagement with the followers? Engagement can mean a direct tweet. Retweet, like or share.
c. Finally, is the business gaining or losing money from its social media strategy

The first two metrics, i.e., audience growth and engagement rate helps a business analyse its content performance. That is, how is your audience relating to your content? More likes and more comments translate to better engagement. We offer the best website design services in Chennai and create engaging content to attract more leads and increase conversions.

The last metric is very crucial. Regardless of which digital strategy you choose, it has to pay off. We are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai with a focus on creating ROI-driven digital marketing strategies.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit?

a. Businesses can use paid third-party social media analytics tool like Hootsuite, Social Report to identify which kind of content has more engagement with its audiences, improve the effectiveness of their content and increase the reach of their posts.

b. Businesses can use the analytics dashboards offered by social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter to understand audience demographics and engagement of their content. Another advantage of using these social media sites is that they enable businesses to determine the effectiveness of the ads. For instance Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads can be used for ads exclusively.

c. Businesses can also track metrics for their videos, the number of people tagging them for their posts, etc. The audit may be more quality-related like is the content grammatically correct, the nature of the comments received etc.

Once the data, i.e., number of followers, engagement rates, which content has performed best, is collected businesses can use Google Sheet or an excel and put the numbers down for each month. SEO service in Chennai Analyzing these numbers can help businesses know if the number of followers is increasing or decreasing month-on-month, how effectively it is able to engage with its followers, and if it is making money from its social media activities.

While follower count, engagement rate and ad spend are three important metrics in a Social media audit, different businesses will have different goals. Hence the metrics collected and assessed will differ accordingly. We offer holistic digital marketing services in Chennai. We will partner with you to chalk a marketing strategy after analysing your current digital channel. We will help in a website redesign, SEO, SMO, PPC.

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