How To Best Use Hashtags?

While all of us are aware of hashtags, many of us do not know how to use them appropriately. Hashtags are one of the ways to connect social media content to a specific topic, event or theme.

All the social media content with the same hashtags get aggregated with a result your posts become searchable and your chances of being found are increased. Hashtags can boost the impact of your messages when used appropriately. And when used inappropriately, hashtags can damage your brand perception and credibility. Use the best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai for website development, social media marketing, SEO, PPC,

What are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a keyword phrase, spelled without spaces and with a # (pound) sign at the beginning. These can be put anywhere in the social media posts i.e., in the beginning, middle or end. Hashtags increase the visibility and engagement of the posts.

Researching Hashtags for Social Media Messages

Researching hashtags begins with finding the hashtags. A number of tools can aid in finding the hashtags.
a. What the Trend tool on Twitter gives the list of the top trending hashtags in the last month. In this list you can find the creative hashtags that fit your content and get new viewers.
b. You can use Twitonomy to find hashtags that are related to the content posted by you on Twitter. This tool can also help you find the most powerful influencers and the most engaging for a particular hashtag.
c. Ritetag is another tool for discovering hashtags. This tool also provides information on how hashtags are performing in the real world.
d. You can find the trending hashtags on Twitter by using the tool Hashtagify

Finding Hashtags on Different Social Media Platforms

a. The list of the trending hashtags and all the related tweets can be found on the left side on your main Twitter newsfeed. The search bar can also be used to find the currently used hashtags.

b. The search option can be used to find the trending hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. Use social media marketing to promote your business. The Best SMO services in Chennai can provide you with these services.

c. Google+ itself gives the list of trending hashtags when you insert a hashtag in your post.

d. The comments sections for the videos use hashtags in YouTube. You can search for related videos to find the trending hashtags.

Creating a Hashtag

Businesses can create their own hashtag in order to generate buzz on a particular topic. This will result in more people visiting their website or social media posts and thus increasing sales. Or sometimes a unique marketing campaign calls for creating a hashtag. In order to be effective hashtags must be memorable, unique and relevant to a social media marketing company in Chennai
Do’s While Creating a Hashtag

a. First analyse how the audiences are using hashtags and then use them appropriately.
b. Use hashtags according to your brand image and customers.
c. Hashtags can be used best during Promotions or Marketing upcoming events or new product launches
d. The hashtag must be short, sweet and catchy. The first letter of each word in the hashtag must be capitalized.
Don’ts While Creating a Hashtag
a. Do not use spaces and punctuation in the hashtag.
b. Don’t use too many hashtags in your caption or description. Else it will look spammy.
c. Research about what a hashtag means before using it.

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