Good Quality Links Versus Bad Quality Links

The links are very essential while building an SEO. A general rule is that the more backlinks; the better is their quality. The debate on high quality versus low-quality links is always very intensive.

Link building is one of the important approaches in the overall building of SEO. It generally spins around relevant web pages to link other web pages. This usually happens with the hyperlinks to your own site. Links work as navigator, allowing search engines know that your site is a reliable resource that can be referred. Sites with more backlinks send more quality resource signals to search engines. If you need guidance in SEO services in Chennai, FDM can help you in the link building process.

Difference between Good and Bad links

All backlinks are not equal. High-quality links are more valued source for any business. These will enhance your expertise, reputation and your visibility in search engines. Whereas the lower quality backlinks will have negative effects which have disadvantages and visibility will become meagre. Bad links may disprove Search Engine efforts. There are five basic areas which difference can be defined.

⮚ Source of Backlinks

The prime and most important of the backlink is its quality of the source that used to build it. Low-quality links or low ranking web sites can have a negative effect on search engine efforts. Relevancy to the subject is another important factor. Non-related links may prove as low-quality backlinks. Sources like .edu, .gov, or other trustworthy sites are high-quality sources. Authoritative sources like Wikipedia is a good resource. We at FDM have a high- quality linking strategy that can build you a good SEO roadmap in the long run.

⮚ Intentions behind building Backlinks

If any search engine identifies that a link is attached to increase traffic, then it will be treated as a low-quality link. Intention to build a link should improve the domain authority. These will enhance the value of the information, establish dependability and even expand the content.

⮚ Structure of Backlinks

The structure of the link should be closely tied in with the intention of creating that link. If there is no context to the comment, the link will be treated as low quality or spam. High-quality links are structured by framing them in a context that gives information. If the link is the part of an explanation or guest blog, the link will be treated as a high-quality backlink.

⮚ Type of Backlinks

Relying on the same two common link destinations will be considered as not a good link. Repetitively directing the traffic to the same destination may lead to drawbacks. Alternatively, high-quality links will take you to specific pages of relevant information. Call FDM experts, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai for best results.

⮚ Frequency of linking

Frequency of linking is one of the most important between high quality and low quality links. Posting links multiple times on the same source will be treated as poor quality links. Good search engine will probably be considered as spam. High quality links are posted usually spread out at reasonable frequency.

Benefits of Link Building to Business

As detailed above, high quality links able to boost search engine ratings. This is the most important advantage of the link building SEO. Some of the other benefits of high-quality building efforts are:

● Link building helps other business and exchanging information about products, services, prices and promotions. This can help you build lasting relationships with business.
● Links add reliability to a website and to business. With good-quality links to good-quality, relevant content can create an image of authority or expertise in the field or industry.
● With this high ranking comes an increase in traffic of the web page. If the web page is linked to a popular and reliable website visitors may end up on your website designers in Chennai

To conclude building high-quality links lead to a significant improvement to rankings over a period of time. Consistent high-quality links are intended to improve the overall experience of the website and also will be user friendly. Call us at FDM for the best SEO services in Chennai.

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