Email Marketing Tips For Successful Business

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies It is the most cost-effective way to reach out to the customers and achieve your business goals. Following are some tips to boost your email marketing campaigns and get the desired results

a. Engage with your New Subscribers Immediately

First impressions matter. When someone signs up for your email list his interest level in your business is the highest. Engaging with the new subscribers during this period by sending welcome and thank-you emails and also delivering upon the promise made during the subscription can make a big difference in building trust and brand loyalty. We are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai and we can create campaigns that help to attract and engage new customers.

b. Use Email Marketing Automation

Automatic email is a way for a business to send automatic, timely, relevant and personalized email messages to its subscribers in response to an action (or non-action)made by them on the businesses’ website or app. For instance, when a subscriber signs up for a service a welcome email is triggered. The benefits of automation of emails for the business include saving time, new lead generation, strengthen customer engagement, retention and delivering better experience for the customers. Explore our Email Marketing Service in Chennai including our Email automation tools to save time and achieve your business goals.

c. Text Based Vs. Image-based Emails

While it is largely believed that flashy marketing emails with designs and bright colours yield great results, the truth is plain text emails that just contain text in a bold or italicized font without additional features like colours or designs are more powerful. Plain text emails are more personal, deliver quick and to-the-point information without any unnecessary flair. This helps the businesses to better engage and interact with the customers. Know the power of email marketing by availing of our digital marketing company in Chennai

d. Create an Effective CTA Copy

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is a button or a hyperlinked text that directs the consumer to take some action. The words on the CTA button called the copy play an important role in informing and encouraging the reader to take some action. Here are some tips to create an effective CTA copy

  1. Be Specific

A generic CTA usually doesn’t evoke any action from your subscribers. Being specific about what will exactly happen when the reader clicks the button will more likely lead to conversions Best SMO services in Chennai

  1. Focus on the Benefit

Readers are more interested in finding solutions to their problem and benefit-focused CTAs have increased click-through-rates.

  1. Avoid ‘Grey’ words

Grey words are those that ask your reader to do something which he might not want to do as he considers it risky. Words like ‘Download’ ‘Order’ ’Buy’ are examples of such words. Instead, use low-risk words like ‘View’ ‘Learn’. Readers are more likely to take action in the latter case. Our Interactive email messaging can help your business grow. We offer digital marketing solutions in Chennai.

e. Re-engage or Remove

While your email list is an important asset, a list of active email subscribers is more valuable. First begin by identifying subscribers who have been inactive for a time period, say the last 60 days. You can send them a personalised re-engagement email referencing their inactivity and probably giving them an incentive. Those subscribers who do not respond to your re-engagement emails can be safely removed from your subscriber list.

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