5 Twitter Tips To Help Your Business Growth

Twitter is one of the prominent social media networks for growing your business. But things go very quickly on the platform.

Usually Every second has 7,000 new tweets are sending out from Twitter.

That’s why your Twitter Marketeing strategies have to be capable to get people and create attention with your tweets in a less spam of time.

In this article, unveil 5 Twitter strategies that will help to grow your business from the expert Best SMO services in Chennai

Let’s get started.

  1. Maintain correct Twitter handles all your profiles.

If you want people to recognize you and your business you must use simple and small Twitter handles that matches your business.

By using small Twitter handles you become easy-to-tag and reach wherever you are in the world.

People find you through Twitter handle in search bar and that’s why Twitter handle has to pack a punch.

Maintain constant names all your social media pages across. Otherwise your targeted buyers might be confused to find your brand or company. Don’t make your page hard to find.

Don’t use any punctuation marks or irrelevant numbers in your Twitter handles. Long Twitter handles are difficult too and you must limit chracter to 280 characters.

  1. Optimize your Twitter BIO:

The character limit of Twitter Bio is 160 characters. That’s going to be placed under your profile picture. You must write a killer one that illustates your business and services. Your bio shouldn’t be difficult and needs to be easy to grasp.

  1. Post during high engaging hours:

There are certain peak hours of the day. That time frame represents people to do more activities on Twitter in between the times.

By finding those days and tweeting during those peak hours your tweet could reach more people to get high engagement SEO service in Chennai

Some of the industry experts suggests between 12PM to 6PM is the best time to Tweet.

If you are unable to post during times there are plenty of social media management scheduling and analysing tools available in the market. Few of them are Buffer, Hoot suite, and Zoom social that will send them your tweet during the time frames. Need inputs on twitter marketing? Call experts at FDM, the best social media agency in Chennai to do it right.

  1. Use proper hashtags:

Hashtags plays a critical role in every social networking platform. Most People misinterpret that more hashtags reaches more people.

But it’s wrong in most cases.

Tweets with 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement with more hashtags.

If you use more hashtags your post engagement descennds 17%.

The 2 hashtags should relate with your content and image.

If you are keen to include correct hashtags in your post use tool Hashtagify and find correct hashtags that specificed with your content.

  1. Include images with your content:

Tweets with images getting 81% higher than tweets with out images.

Add compelling images include with your content will get more likes and retweets than plain content.

There are lot of free online image designing tools that allows you to design your own image one of the most popular image making tool is Canva.

By using Canva you can design your images and post in Twitter.

So what’s your thought about Twitter marketing? How are you going to grow your businesses using Twitter? Talk to experts at FDM, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai to get started with Twitter marketing..

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