5 Instagram Tips For Your Business Growth

Does your business have an Instagram account? If not it’s time to create an account. Because people frequently connect with your business and easily find your brand from Instagram. If you own any physical store or sell any products, it’s definitely a need to get an instant account for your business.

Instagram is insanely a popular social network. It’s in your buyers hands in their phones and it is vital for so many businesses, and your business could be one among them too, you never know. So buckle up for your instagram game, as you could be missing tremendous opportunities down your way!

In this article we uncover top 5 instagram tips that helps for your business grow fast and quick!

  1. Find Your Audience:
    No matter what marketing you are doing, you need to have unique short snippets of content on your Instagram.
    If your content does not appeal to your buyer, it won’t connect to them. Take time and think about your existing audience if they could sell for you or build your brand in any way. If you want to learn more about your audience try Instagram insights. Instagram analytics can help you win an audience in the vast image network. This tool identifies people who are interacting and following your account.
  2. Reach: How many unique profiles have been viewed on your piece of content.
  3. Impressions: How many times your content appealed in front of users.
  4. Videos: How frequent your videos are viewed.
  5. Saves: How many posts have been saved by the audience.
  6. Followers activity: How frequent your followers being on Instagram every day.

Apart from audience activity, Instagram also allows you to find users demographic information about gender, interests and age etc.
By using this you will get a lot of information about your existing audience. But what about your new followers?

Use social monitoring tools:

Social Monitoring tools allow you to show the conversations going on social media. Instagram isn’t an exception. A good social monitoring tool tells you what people tell and think about your brand. Partner with FDM, for the Best SMO services in Chennai, to know the right way to reach your potential audience.

  1. Use Proper Keywords:

Hashtags help you to find content easily. Tag the hashtags in your content and make people find you easily. If you want people to perceive your content you must add proper hashtags in your content. Add hashtags depending on the audience’s insights.
Don’t spam with add too much of Hashtags in your content. 5 targeted keywords are better than most random ones. Add relevant hashtags that represents the image.

  1. Right time to post:

A recent poll proclamied that the best timings to post on instagram between 7 – 9PM. So post your photos on instagram at high engagement times. To do this there are social media management tools that monitor instagram engagement. The tool tracks all your engaging posts like shares, comments and analyze the optimal one depends on the date and time google adwords service in chennai

  1. Add Call – to -Actions:

A good CTA’s defines what action they have to do next. In instagram this could be slight tricky as it can allow just one link in the bio. Be strategic about what links you include. Adding a link in the bio could be a great attention catcher to divert them to the space and give them a little more information. And well, if you want to weigh between a link vs Comment, you could ask the same to your audience using a poll. If you want to share them content, ask them how you should do it and if you want them to buy, make them take the first step. We at FDM, know the right strategies to funnel your audience directly from the Call-to-Action to your product page. Partner with us for your social media services in Chennai.

  1. Instagram Stories

If it’s Instagram, Stories should definately be your spot. Instagram stories are extremely catchy, attention grabbing and has a great algorithm that brings all the eyes on your content. You can add an image, video, a gif, link and add trendy stuff that’s easily noticeable. The best thing is that it sits at the top of your instagram feed. All in all, it’s a great gift to marketers that can bring them some serious business. There are many creative ways of using stories and you definetely need to try that. Need Ideas? Partner with FDM for some hard-selling strategies.

Instragram is a thing of today and businesses need to leverage that. FDM provides you with social media optimization and Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai for brand awaremness and some serious business. Call us today!

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