Top Trends In Google Advanced Search – Useful Tips & Operators

Google’s advanced search enables customizing your Google searches by using a set of special instructions. The instructions, known as operators and commands, signal Google that you are not looking forward to searching the entire Internet but interested in unique, more specific queries.

In short, Google advanced searches have been designed to run particular, very specific queries Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

The Fundamentals of Google Advanced Search

While being quick and often effective, the basic Google search may not always find what you look for. Extensive and effective research needs to make use of several search tools for covering material that cannot be retrieved by running a basic Google search.

To avoid irrelevant results and get more specific search results, it is essential to use the advanced functions offered by Google. This enables you to find specifically relevant information that may otherwise not be possible.

The commands involved are generally simple but they are not necessarily obvious. Not everyone who makes use of the internet may be aware of these commands and instructions.

Google Advanced Search Operators

Many of us use to type a word, a sentence, or a question when we are looking for something on Google. What most of us are not aware of is the fact that there are different types of search operators that can be used for filtering our search results Best SEO Services in Chennai

The following are the most commonly used, popular operators that may be used separately or in combination:

Basic Search Operators

Exact Search

The most basic search among advanced Google searches, this operator requires quotation marks around the search terms. This informs Google to fetch results for what is exactly inside these quotes. This operator ensures to remove unwanted results while getting the most relevant ones.

You can use the ‘exact’ operator when the expected results contain a precise phrase only. This gets you the exact phrase – less number of articles, but precise ones.

OR Search

To be typed exclusively in the upper case, the OR operator allows users to search for multiple separate search terms. While the ‘exact’ search narrows your search results, the OR search operator broadens the query for bringing more results.

The OR operator can be used in two different scenarios. The first one is when you look for any information that can be found with multiple search terms, such as ‘financial accounting’ or ‘managerial accounting.’ This makes the search wider; articles that have either one phrase or the other will be fetched – producing more number of articles per search.

Wildcard Search

A Few Other Search Operators

Exclusion Search

This search allows you to exclude certain items from search results. This enables conducting an Internet search while ignoring specific results that contain such excluded terms.

Site Search

One of the advanced Google searches, this lets users zero in on specific websites or domains. Using this operator, you may inform Google to search only a specific site, instead of the entire web.

Filetype Search

The Fundamentals of Google Advanced Search

This search feature helps to narrow down search results to particular file types.

Related Search

It enables finding websites similar to one another. Sites that are in the same ballpark as the one you mention will be listed.

A Few Powerful Tips to Leverage Google Advanced Search for Better SEO

Make use of basic and insightful competitor research

You can conduct effective competitor research on Google by using the ‘related’ search operator. Type the operator name followed by any website URL. This allows you to identify the websites that are closely related to the particular URL you choose. This operator also helps you to understand how Google categorizes your website designers in Chennai

Follow the content strategy of your competitors

By combining the site operator and the date-range filter of Google, you may easily spy on your competitor’s content strategy. This facilitates identifying what content they have published in specific months or dates. The filtering option helps to find data based on days, months, or any other custom time periods as you need.

Use guest posting – the powerful opportunity to reap a bounty of benefits

If you want to drive productivity and quality links back to your site, you need to pick up high-quality backlinks and boost your site’s domain authority. Guest blogging significantly helps in achieving this, in addition to getting better ranking on Google. Make use of advanced search queries to uncover great blogging opportunities in your industry or niche.

Grab the opportunities for internal linking

One of the factors that influence ranking, internal linking plays a crucial role in driving traffic from one post to some other within your entire blog. It creates topical relevance as well by supporting content related to the major topics in your site. You can use the relevant search query to manage a huge blog with voluminous existing content marketers in Chennai

Check content redundancy on your website

Content that appears on more than one location – duplicate content – may confuse search engines when they try to decide about ranking your pages. Having duplicate content will hurt your website ranking. It is a technical SEO issue that you must address and resolve. This is more of a concern for e-commerce sites that have the same product descriptions or website blogs with thousands of pages.

Look for missed opportunities related to content

The ‘filetype’ operator helps to find non-HTML content on a website. Word documents and PDFs can be identified. Using this operator facilitates checking how you have published your content – in HTML or other formats. You may check if the content is optimized.
By making diligent use of Google advanced search operators, you can obtain more precise search results. There is considerable improvement in efficiency and saving in time when you are able to find more accurate, relevant results quickly. Google’s advanced research comes in handy for improving your competitive strategies, technical SEO audits, and content research SEO service in Chennai

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