Few Advanced Mobile Web Designing Strategies

In today’s world, we all access web pages through personal computers, laptops, and easy-to-carry gadgets like mobiles and tablets. But have you ever tried looking at the same site simultaneously on a laptop and a mobile device?

If yes, did you notice a difference in your user experience?

Without a doubt, accessing a website from your laptop and mobile provides a different experience. There’s often a difference in user experience between a website’s mobile and laptop versions. In many cases, the web version of a site is more user-friendly than the mobile version, or vice versa. This difference arises due to variations in navigation comfort, user interface availability, and functionality between the web and mobile versions of the same site.

Designers are continuously working to bridge this gap in user experience so that users feel consistent interactions between the mobile and web versions of a site. Despite extensive research, a definitive solution to this challenge has not yet emerged.

With the advent of smartphones equipped with powerful processors and GPUs, popular sites are investing extra efforts to improve user experience when accessing websites via mobile. Many sites have developed dedicated mobile apps for Android and Windows smartphones, enhancing the user experience on mobile devices.

Reframed Calendar's Suitability For Web And Mobile

Not all calendars are designed to function optimally across both personal computers and mobile devices when accessed from websites. A calendar designed specifically for mobile access on personal computers and laptops may underperform when accessed via smartphones.

However, calendars’ appearance and functionality can be optimized for mobile versions using JavaScript and carousels. Carousels can be combined to provide straightforward browsing of dates and events simultaneously. This ensures the calendar functions smoothly across mobiles, laptops, and personal computers.

Pictures: Zooming With A Pinch

The pinch and zoom technique, often used to zoom in on images, is now being used to zoom in on text and pictures in both web and mobile versions of websites. This feature has greatly enhanced users’ ability to view images more clearly.

Framing A Perfect Content Setup

Many site owners are structuring content to improve users’ experience. They categorize subheads or lists in a specific hierarchy, such as an alphanumeric format (A to Z). This makes it easier for visitors to access various pages on the website and find the required information more easily.

These changes can be implemented using technologies like iscroll.js and double carousels without disrupting the existing content of the webpages.

Off-Canvas Flyouts

Off-canvas flyouts refer to less-visited or viewed sections of a website that appear with a tap or swipe from users. These flyouts have become valuable for navigation purposes, as they help hide menus and static content while also supporting dynamic content.

Huge Image Carousels

Huge image carousels are often avoided in mobile versions due to performance and navigation issues.

Low Performance

Huge image carousels can lead to poor performance, especially when displaying numerous objects in a single row. Optimizing the size of carousel images is essential to mitigate performance problems.


Navigation becomes challenging with numerous images in a carousel. Navigating through many images can be time-consuming and result in a heavy webpage, occupying significant space and consuming substantial data.

This issue can be addressed by using a grid pattern through HTML and CSS to adjust image location and layout within the carousel.

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