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Does Social Media Marketing Matter?

Social media is one of the most essential platforms for online marketing. These social media platforms help you in connecting with your target customers and spread awareness about your product amidst the customers.

 A strong social presence will help your customers to understand that your brand is focused and active. With more than 3 billion people using social media around the world it is easier to spread information for a mass reach. By conducting social media marketing you can easily engage and interact with your customers and get there feedbacks then and there. Therefore it helps in building a strong customer relationship. Social media marketing is a great opportunity for expanding your businesses in today’s internet-dependent world.

We at fueldigi marketing or focused on creating value for our customers who makes us the top digital marketing agency in Chennai. Social media marketing, when taken up with correct guidance can attract your audience and prove your uniqueness and worth. We give you expert guidance on social media marketing and techniques to develop your brand and increase your market reach. Team up with the leading digital marketing company with expert social media marketing professionals today.


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is typical use of social media platforms to promote your product or your service. Social media marketing is nowadays becoming very popular for creating a wide reach for the businesses. Some of the most popular platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Here, businesses share their content on social media platforms to increase the traffic of their websites which might sometimes result in sales

Improve your Search engine ranking

Most of us do not know that the search engines actually take your social media presence as important factor in in figuring out your ranking. Most of the successful brands present nowadays have an healthy and consistent social media presence which makes their ranking on the top. Strong search engine ranking represents that your brand is valuable and trustworthy

Why do you need Social media marketing?

Marketing through social media is one of the most cost-effective method of marketing that is available right now. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the customers directly and reach out to your target audience with the least amount of risk

Mass Reach​

The first and foremost reason for you investing in social media marketing is that it has a mass reach and can connect the customers who are looking for your product. Your customers are present on social media. It becomes great opportunity for those businesses who are looking for a space to grow


Social media platforms are growing up because of the easy and fun way of networking and understand what is happening around the world. While looking at it we can understand that social media users are very open on engaging with the social media handles of the brands and like to follow them. The more we get to know audience the more we can serve.

Brand Recognition

Another important aspect of social media marketing is that people can identify you and recognise your brand very easily. By posting consistent and versatile content on social media platforms will help the customer to know you a bit more personally and can create new leads and new customers for you.

Cost effective Advertising​

This is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing because it helps you to completely reduce your advertisement costs. This might require your investment of time in creating significant content for your followers but does not involve the shoes amount of money that is needed to be spent on actual advertising. It is very much inexpensive to display paid at on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


People are looking for recommendations where they can trust the company and the brand. In the olden days there was word of mouth marketing but now social media marketing has become the new version of it. When the customers start to trust their brand they tend to recommended to their family and friends. And many customers are likely to buy from the brands that are recommended. Gaya more chances ofthem looking into your business when your advertisement just pops up on their screen.

Why Fueldigi marketing for SMM services?


Before we actually implement the idea, we brainstorm it a thousand times and evaluate it for the long run. We create the best social media marketing strategy suitable for your business model.

Our strategy answers questions like, where you want your business to be In the next few years? Or what are your goals?  Or which social media platform you should give your attention to? Or what kind of information or content you want to share? Etc.

Having a consistent and effective content is very much important when it comes to social media marketing. This creates a personalized level of communication with your customers and clients. Being persistent in publishing your content might also introduce your product or service to a whole new set of audience.

Publishing content is just as easy as posting in a picture but this requires additional attention and well-planned content. Fuel digital marketing is the leading digital marketing company that understands customer needs and creates a well-prepared plan and executes it perfectly.

As the business grows you can notice that people start commenting on your social media posts and also tag you in their posts. Sometimes they can even text you directly. You can read their comments or suggestions through these posts. There might also be conversations about your product on social media without you knowing. These comments will be full of both negative and positive comments which will affect your business decisions equally.

We at Fuel digital marketing not only help you in aggregating all your social media posts, mentions and messages but also provide the top-rated social media marketing services including the aggregation of posts that did not tag your business’s social media handle. We listen and engage with your customers and create content as per their needs.

After creating social media posts and engaging with the customers a business must analyze how the social media marketing strategy and techniques are performing. Questions like, Is my business getting new customer reach? Or Did I get any additional followers? Or how many positive and negative comments did I get? Etc. need to be answered.

With the help of social media marketing experts, we at Fuel digital marketing take up in-depth analysis of the information and gather information among all your social media platforms. This helps in knowing about how much your social media marketing is performing and how much more work is needed.

A social media advertisement always has a positive influence on a wider audience than the people who are closely following you. It is very much known that social media advertising is one of the major courses in social media marketing. Here, we can create content related to our target audiences with the context of their demography, behavior, cultural interests, and much more.

Fuel digital marketing does not focus on engaging a decent amount of traffic to your channel but also focuses on increasing your brand awareness and targeting the right group of customers. Our top-level social media marketing services helped you to bring new leads and increase customer reach.

Words from our social media marketing expert

The true power of social media is the ability to grow a separate audience for your company and engage in digital conversations with your customers. As a business you should have the responsibility of being connected to your customers and receiving their feedback then and there. Fueldigi marketing being one of the best social media marketing company in Chennai helps you to connect with your target customers and focus on generating leads which in turn results in complete satisfaction of both the customer and the business. We at Fueldigi marketing stay updated on what is happening in the marketing world, understand what your company needs and create value to your business. Any company which has a goal to capture the national or international markets should invest in social media marketing techniques”–In-house, Social media marketing expert

Any top brand knows the importance of social media optimization in today’s digital world. Social Media Optimization or SMO refers to the adaptation of best practice of promoting brands, products or services by using social media platforms, sites and communities like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn and others. As the majority of today’s audience rests on social networking sites and we spend a considerable amount of our days scrolling through feeds, social media techniques are a must. It is a great opportunity to land business, build brand image, meet business requirements, generate sales, acquire new customers and grow in general. We, as a top digital marketing agency in India offer innovative strategies and solutions to our clients for social media optimization. We not only craft these strategies, we provide end-to-end solutions in implementation as well.

Among many others, the main objective of social media optimization is to increase visibility, revenue, business and traffic on the brand’s website or hub. It is planned in a manner so as to achieve the highest rate of conversation of sales and ROI. The process of social media optimization involves using SEO tools, keywords, content marketing, platform contextualization and other methodologies to attract visitors by placing the link of the hub website at various locations. Here, the concept of RnF(Reach and Frequency) plays an important role- reaching the right audience with the right message just about the right number of times, until it gets registered. The idea is to create engaging content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. We, at Fuel Digital Marketing, have spent years understanding and gathering knowledge of each platform and developing best practices. We apply the latest SMO techniques that can boost the chances of your brand’s website to secure the top slots on the web. Our expertise and professional knowledge enables us to more than successfully meet the objectives of the brands we work with, across varied industries. We adhere to the best process and techniques for Social Media Optimization and have completed many projects for our clients on time and have always exceeded the engagement and expectations!

We take pride in calling ourselves the top digital marketing agency in India and we didn’t reach here by all talk and no show. If you’re a brand or product looking to say something iconic, do something audacious and be something inspiring, our SMO experts have got your back. We have a proven record of building communities for our clients. We pursue both tried-and-tested and innovative methods, to grow a social media audience for startup companies and expand the base for already celebrated ones. Some of our methods include, but are never limited to the following-

● Offering friend-finding features to consumers and sharing relatable, quality content

● Adding links to our client’s social accounts and promote the brand story

● We also cross-promote our client;s social account to reach maximum traffic and new customers

● We encourage participation in diverse social media platforms and even try vernacular methods of content creation.


Not all social media platforms are the same, we know that as digital marketing experts. Each one of them has a distinct character and audience base.

Our SMO experts understand this and create a custom campaign for every platform. We can optimize your presence on platforms like:

FuelDigi Marketing, over the years, has become synonymous to great Social Media Optimization strategies. We’re a well known SMO company for custom, innovative successfully implemented strategies & dedicated social media optimization services for some of the very top clients across varied industries..

We offer the very best marketing approaches and solutions for the increased visibility of your product or services and some of the ways we do it is mentioned below-

● Organizing Social Media Management and Optimization services within our client’s budgets without compromise on results.

● Increasing the organic traffic by slowly building up a follower community.

● Helping you to facilitate a robust brand uplift and reputation management solution.

● Transparent management and improvisation approaches


“Social Media Optimization is essentially using social media as a catalyst to grow your company’s online presence. Where some companies tend to just set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be where their customers are, SMO is about strategically creating, building and maximizing your social media plan to connect with your target audience. Social Media Optimization can drastically improve the way you approach marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Start taking a strategic approach to social media marketing and amplify your results. It can give your business the push it needs to succeed” – Inhouse SMO Expert Get in touch with us. We’ll create a robust and exhaustive Social Media Optimization plan for your company and make sure your brand receives the image lift it deserves and you get the business you could never imagine.

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