Why are Heat Maps important for your marketing efforts?

Why are Heat Maps important for your marketing efforts?

Heat Maps are emerging as powerful analytical tools for marketers to view and measure website user activity and track website performance.

They visually represent with colours how visitors are interacting with each element of a business’s website. Heat maps can represent different things like a visitor’s mouse movements, clicks or scrolling patterns. These maps use colour intensities to convey the intensity of user interaction or mouse movement. They are akin to weather reports which use darker colours to represent an intense storm.

The ultimate goal of using a heat map is to determine which parts of a company’s website visitors are most interested in. Based on this information marketers can remove the distracting elements and change the order of the content and customize the website to improve user experience. If you want to create a high-performance website that brings you sales, contact FDM the Best web designing company in Chennai

Following are other benefits of heat maps

  1. Business Metrics

Once the website heat map is set up, marketers can discover the website usage pattern when using a product or service and understand how customers are interacting with their webpage. The heat map gives data of the parts which are more popular and thereby getting more interaction and the areas which need improvement. Based on this data brands can remove the dead or cold areas and redesign their websites.

  1. User Experience

Heat maps also reveal the difficulties faced by customers while visiting a website. Based on this data brands can redesign the various elements of their webpage like the buttons, images, text or overall layout. This will give a better user experience. We at FDM design websites with a great user experience that’s persuasive and does the job for you right Local SEO services in Chennai

  1. Product Sales

Heat maps also provide insights into where the users clicked the most, which areas are more attractive and capturing user’s attention. Using this data businesses can plan their product placement strategies so that it immediately catches audience’s attention. We at FDM the best web design company also creates e-commerce website with a neat user experience

  1. Link Performance

Heat maps give the marketers details of links which are catching the attention of the viewers and those which are not and so have to be removed.

  1. Tracking Advertisements

By using heat maps marketers can also know if they are doing the right amount of promotions of overdoing it so much so that their ads are turning to spams. Marketers can restructure their ads accordingly best logo makers in Chennai

How heatmaps work?

Heatmaps are based on an algorithm that analyses your user interface to generate a resulting visual based on several attributes of colour, contrast, visual hierarchy etc. There are different types of heatmaps: Click maps, attention maps and scroll maps.

Click maps:

These types of maps show you an aggregate of click data of where a user has clicked the most to the least. The blue colour area means fewer clicks, warmer red indicates a little more clicks and the ones with the most clicks are either yellow or white. The click maps demonstrate how important optimization is and help you understand what is working and what not is.

Attention maps:

Attention heat maps give you an idea as to which focus areas of the page are viewed most with full consideration of your user’s horizontal and vertical scrolling activities. These are a more useful form of heatmaps as they help you analyse the key pieces of information like text and visuals.

Scroll maps

Scroll maps help you visualize how far users scroll in your page and where they tend to drop off. This can help in case of long-form page landing pagesto analyse if the design or content needs to tweak.

Hover maps

Hover maps give you an idea of the most hovered areas of your website with your mouse click. However, this type of heat maps is most questionable as it’s considered illogical because of the attribute it conveys.

Despite its many advantages the fact remains that analysts still prefer to use Google Analytics over heat maps. Businesses should understand how heat maps can improve their marketing optimization strategies and how it could skyrocket your website performance further.

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