What is Post Click optimization?

What is Post Click optimization?

In the earlier days, conversion was quite easy. Customers purchased your product after seeing your print ad either by calling you or mailing you a check.

The Internet has, today, changed the rules of the game. An advertisement, although considered the most important element of an advertising campaign, is not what gets the actual revenue to the business. It is the ‘Post-click’ experience where the users take the actual decision to buy. We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai offering SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, e-mail marketing to increase ROI and meet your marketing objectives.

Any marketing campaign offers two experiences to the user

a. Pre-click Experience

The experience is given to the user before he clicks the ad. This includes the colour and text of the ad, how it is presented, its value proposition etc SEO service in Chennai

b. Post-click Experience

These are the experiences that users get after they click on an online ad. While many businesses consider that their job ends when the user clicks on their ad, in reality, the post-click marketing journey begins now. Businesses have to decide on the following once their ad is clicked

  1. The post-click landing page
  2. How to convert the users into customers
  3. Once the conversion is achieved what should the business do

Optimising the Post-Click Experience

What ensures Post-click optimisation?

Marketers have to ensure that when a user clicks on an ad they are directed to a highly relevant and optimised landing page which creates such an experience that motivates the user to click on the CTA on the landing page and make the final purchase. This constitutes Post-click optimisation. Optimising the user experience in this stage includes

  1. Matching the Ad Message With the Landing Page

    The message in the main ad must be consistent and match the content on its landing page. The consistency must be in terms of the headlines, images, branding, colours, call-to-action and the actual highlighted offer. Maintaining consistency ensures that the user gets the same experience in terms of the message pre-click and post-click. The conversion is more likely in this case. The Best Digital Agency in Chennai creates unique ad campaigns to generate more leads and grow your audience. Best SMO services in Chennai
  2. No Navigation

Every landing page must be designed to promote a single offer and must not have any other external links or navigation because these deviate the user’s attention and could take him away from that page. The landing must have all the information so that the user can take an informed decision and a prominently placed CTA button for the user to take the final call.

  1. Visual Hierarchy

It is the practice of using characteristics like size, space, contrast and proximity on the landing page in order to show it importance. Placing the elements on the landing page at a higher level, in bold or italics, in higher contrast and bulleted ensures to capture the visitors’ attention immediately and persuades them to convert. We are top online marketing services in Chennai specializing in designing attractive landing pages, SEO, PPC, Search Engine Marketing Local SEO services in Chennai

  1. ‘Thank You’ Page

The post-click experience is incomplete without a ‘good thank you’ page. The CTA click must be connected with this ‘thank you’ page. A plain thank you message will not suffice. The thank you page must

  1. Be Sincere
  2. Show the steps after converting
  3. Indicate any other related conversion offers

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