What are things to check in SEO before Web Designing

What are things to check in SEO before Web Designing

Search Engine Optimization needs perfect time and focus. But at times, however professional you are in web designing you may fail to concentrate on certain SEO aspects while designing your site.

So, rather than missing them and including them later which involves a lot of changes and time it is better to make a checklist on what all to check in terms of SEO while designing a site. This will helps in reducing your corrections after designing and also will avoid cutting a sorry figure in front of the client’s Best SEO Services in Chennai

Here we have helped you with a checklist designed by our SEO experts who are highly professional and trained. We recommend you tick the checklist after designing the site to make sure you have included all SEO aspects in it. A simple tool to minimize your errors while website designers in Chennai

We have categorized the checklist into three segments

  1. Website SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Offsite SEO

Check out each step by step.

Website SEO

The improvement you make in the complete website is classified in this category it comprises of all necessary aspects and includes all factors that contribute to SEO service in Chennai


Access to Pages- You’re your web page must be easily accessible through a search engine. To begin with, the search engine transits spiders, so correct if there is any hurdle in it.

Unnecessary Pages- Never index unwanted pages, delete them from the robots.txt file. Pages such as privacy and personal pages don’t have such requirements.

Speed of Website loading – Design the website to load as quickly as possible. The bounce rate raises when the website takes more time to load. You may analyse the time taken by your website to load through Google page speed.

Duplication of content: Content duplication may result in a fall of Google rank or it may lead to blacklisting by Google. You may get these details through the Google webmasters tool.

Minimization 404 errors: The visitors may get irritated due to this and your website may be pushed to a low rank. Google keeps a watch on user signals so try to avoid these errors.

Responsive design: Design a website that adjusts to all types of screen sizes. A responsive design is better and attracts good traffic as most of the internet users surf using mobile.

URL Structure

Either it is www or non-www- Pick what is right for your website and make sure that the complete site includes a similar type.

Domain Extension – At times if you have a domain name that signifies a specific country it can lead to a good amount of traffic so keep in mind this factor.

Subfolder or Subdomain- Subdomain is usually known as a different domain and lead to different results while searching. You may also consider a subfolder for similar things and content. But if the unique products are more in number, it is recommended to use a subdomain.

Meaningful URL- Use meaningful URLs rather than random numbers and text, it aids the website in reaching a good rank in the search engine. Include hyphens when you need space.

URL Parameters- Google can perform your work by working on URL parameters through Google Webmaster tools.


The Sitemap for all must be perfect and must include links that are accessible because Google is very strict in these aspects. Your website must be perfectly structured and HTML must function as it must. XML also has a key role to play. So check that too. Images and videos must be rightly placed and they must appear as the webpage complete loading. Pausing in between and lacking proper loading speed is not recommended in videos. Images must load in good quality look and must take the least loading time.

On-Page SEO

It is related to the SEO that must be carried out on each page of a website. This needs in-depth knowledge about the content and backlinks.


Keyword in every page- if a page has just one keyword there wouldn’t be many spiders in it and the traffic may fall. Include a dedicated keyword for the complete page.

Keyword research:  Do complete research of keyword and analyse the keyword that has good page views and try to include such keywords. This will help in raising the website’s traffic.

URL keyword:  Include a specific keyword in the URL that gives you the detail of the content in the entire page. Creating a URL with keyword gives the user an outline of the details of the web page that is loading.

Right keyword in content: Content must be enhanced perfectly because content plays a significant role. Include a keyword in the heading and it must be attractive and short. The title must be apt and have a relation with the content under it. Everything must be related to one another and the main content or main text must include keywords in it.


As we all know content is the king of a website, it is the deciding factor whether the website attracts traffic or not. Always remember the heading must not be more than 70 characters, it is the decent limit. The too lengthy title is generally unattractive and boring. The content of the site must have a distinct value for every visitor as every visitor reacts to content in a differently. You must be aware of the type of content and must be able to get in many links. Search spiders must be able to access the content for earning a good position in the search engine ranking. If any user belongs to a different location, you must also give a choice to translate the page in a language that is better understandable by the user. Search what is trending on the web and make sure the amount of text you include as the content is ideal and isn’t too short or too lengthy. It has to be a perfect Best woo-commerce development company


Every image must include a filename that has some relation to the picture. When you assigned relatable tags to the pictures, it helps in pulling the spiders who will have an interest in exploring what it is about. Try to reduce the size to the utmost limit but never compromise the quality and keep up a balance.

Social Pieces

Include a thumbnail of around 200×200 pixels, an ideal size tile together with URL that is apt for the website’s requirement. The website must have a perfect explanation and follow up buttons such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Local Search

Enhance your local search and also ensure that all that you develop are structured along with the placement of the keyword in the right place with the content. Data also must be structured. Local SEO services in Chennai

Offsite SEO

This is related to the SEO that is not included in the website but these aspects affect the performance of the site indirectly.

Inbound and bad links– Analyse the count of inbound links in the site and don’t include any bad, spammy or laggy links. Keep it easy and simple.

Authority – Links which are taken from websites with high domain authority are much reputable.

Diversity– Try to attract links from various websites as it will aid in attracting good traffic. Anchor text also helps in attracting footfalls so don’t miss it.

Wrap up-

We assure you this is a helpful checklist if you want to create a website design on par with SEO strategies. Never miss accomplishing a full-fledged SEO while designing a site. It is highly necessary to gain a good rank in the search engine. SEO is what boosts the design of the site among the visitors and also helps in increasing the traffic of the site. It is a major aspect in reducing the bounce rate too.

So always focus on web designing with the help of experts in best SEO companies in Chennai that has SEO professionals who have expertise and knowledge in the field.

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