What are the Important Points to Remember When Designing SEO Friendly Website

What are the Important Points to Remember When Designing SEO Friendly Website

Website layout and appearance have been designed in the way of the search engine spider find it easy to go through and displays the content when you search. SEO strategies have to implement on the website for pulling in organic traffic.

SEO strategies consist of a variety of aspects that needs special attention. However certain key aspects need keen attention for a successful SEO, let’s check them out google AdWords service in Chennai


When you don’t use the right keyword the website is not going to perform well. It is a key factor that influences the search engine rank. Keywords connected with the content pull in a good amount of traffic to the site. So it is highly necessary to learn the art of including content related keywords. Generally, keywords are classified into two types-a Long tail and a short tail.
Long-tail keywords must be included when you focus on attracting web users searching exactly for the same content. They have to be explanatory. Short tail keywords must be handpicked in such a way that they aren’t much competitive but are in the context of the content you intend to use them in.


Backlinks are one of the significant factors in maintaining credibility and sources. Backlinks from specific search engine linkups. When your web page is rightly wired, with few good websites with no spam or broken links, your website will succeed in being on the top ranks in the search engine.
Backlink building must be carried out rightly, through guest posting and also by allowing others to post on your webpage. Download and referral links must function perfectly to achieve the best results. Backlinks are one of the key factors in designing an SEO friendly website because without the right backlinks the website may not get good traffic Best SEO Services in Chennai

On-page Optimization

Page links, layout, perfect structure are a few significant aspects of an SEO friendly site. Page links must be regularly checked to make sure they are functioning or not. The layout of your site must be pleasant and self-explanatory which, will enable the search engine spider to easily access the content.
It must be attractive for the web user and simple to understand. The perfect structure must be created to design everything in an organized manner under the right tags, pages and linkages.
The theme you use on the website must be light shade, take less loading time, be catchy, easy to see and give a readable text look. When the theme you use isn’t comfortable for visitors to read the content or if the theme is not attractive, it will raise the bounce rate of the site. When you don’t go online with these factors your website may not perform well.

Social Media

When you spread your name on social media you can get your website ranked in a good position easily. Search engine accumulates user signals and if your website is famous then you will get good positive feedbacks which will enhance the rank of your website. Your website must be connected perfectly to all social media platform pages. Right placement of redirection buttons is a must to increase the traffic of your website designers in Chennai

Also, regular postings in the pages is a must to keep up the page views and to maintain the traffic. These aspects are important for performing SEO practices and you need to give additional importance to them if not you may lose your position in the top search ranking in SEO service in Chennai

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