What are Facebook search operators and How does it help your business?

What are Facebook search operators and How does it help your business?

Facebook Might have started as a medium to connect people, But today it becomes one of the search engine, like Google. In this article
we reveal some of the advanced facebook operators that makes it easy to find you in searches and engineer it your way back to get deeper results.

What are search operators?

Search operators are search commands, that allows users to filter search results easily.

For instance: If you want to find the massage centers in dubai but you don’t want to see the results from pinterest site
Then you could use search operator

“massage spa dubai -pinterest”

The symbol “-” excludes the pinterest results and displays the others in SERP.

@: search social media profiles.
$: for search pricing
” ” : Exact search results

  • : Exclude unnecessary results
    site: For specific results in the website.

By using search operators you can find exact data what you are looking for. We at FDM, a reputed best digital marketing agency in Chennai help you to find the right way to place your keywords so that you could easily be found at SERP.

3 Reasons use facebook search operators:

Before, facebook had a feature called Facebook Graph Search, that stimulates users to find for specific content but the platform
would allow sentences instead of keywords. That also shows you who liked your page.

In 2019, the Facebook graph was changed. It makes it harder to search. However, the search operators fill that gap to relent users to search for specific content. Need expert-led guidance for better visibility in FB? Contact specialists at FDM social media marketing company in Chennai to get yourself on top of FB search results.

  1. Research competitors:

    Facebook search operators help marketers to find your competition, including what topics your competitors focus to talk about and type of content sharing. You can also figure out new competitors that have similar to your business in your geographic area.
  2. Find content to share:
  3. Find topics, which is connected to your audience by using exact match phrases.
  1. Find User generated content:

Users share your content with out tagging you. Search your brand to find content users who have shared about your brand.

3 Facebook Boolean Advaced search operators:

  1. Basic Boolean Search:

Boolean searches are not working in Facebook. For this you must go to Google and execute these search command.


site: massage spas

The above query displays the results of posts, groups and pages about massage spas.

These search operator helps you to find more groups or pages similar to your business.


This search command applicable to all the websites, not just Facebook. If you want to find the digital marketing services in Chennai. You can perform search best SMO services in Chennai

“site:< website url > < Digital Marketeing>

  1. AND Facebook Boolean Search:

Using this AND Boolean search query, you can search two keywords simultaneously.

Let’s assume if you want to look information about Small business and digital marketing.

You can search
site: small business AND digital marketing

This query will generate results having both small business and digita Marketeing terms.

Remember the term AND is case sensitive.

  1. Facebook search terms that should not be display:

If you search some term, you would be get unrelated results. If you want to Get rid of unwanted results use the NOT Boolean command. That command removes unwanted results display right search results.

If you want to look at the results social media marketing, but still you want to get optimization results too. Then you have to search-

Site: social media marketing NOT optimization.

Facebook search has become a top marketing tool and optimising your search for it could win you in social media. Contact us at FDM for a comprehensive range of the Best SEO Services in Chennai

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