The most essential elements of a winning SEO strategy

The most essential elements of a winning SEO strategy

Businesses depend on SEO to earn their place at the top of the SERP. It gradually increases the website rank organically in search engines and lands you there with a series of consistent practices.

In this article, we help you understand how SEO gets you more website traffic from search engines. If you want your business to rank in the SERP, having a well-thought SEO strategy is the beginning of the journey. Contact experts at FDM for the best SEO services in Chennai that works for your business.

SEO can be divided into on-page and off-page. This criterion helps people improve their website rank on google and other search engines.

On-page SEO involves on-page SEO tasks done on the website that helps you better rank in the Search engine result pages. Whereas off-page techniques can be implemented outside of the website for improving web visibility. By persistently doing those off-page techniques your website rank gradually increases and draws in more traffic. The below 5 factors boosts your website rank organically in the long run if done properly.

On-Page SEO:


In order to find the website in Google the users enter the keywords in the Google search bar. Having proper keywords in the
content to generate more organic traffic to a website. A keyword is a term that should always be connected with your business
If your website is more visible on SERP’s you must add keywords in the title of the webpage as well as integrate them into your website
content. Consult FDM experts for the SEO service in Chennai

Title and Description:

A meta title is an HTML element that outlines the title of a specified web page. The length of the Meta title should not be greater than 55 characters. An optimal meta title consists of 2 or 3 your main business keywords that
stimulates users to visit your website.

The meta description is the group of words. An HTML element that illustrates the description of a webpage. The character limit of the meta description should not be greater than 150 characters. The description should outright explain your business. We at FDM can help devise a foolproof SEO roadmap to bring you ahead in the SERP

Off-page SEO:


The word of mouth is the best way for any type of business. In digital marketing, backlinks pose to serve the exact purpose. However, getting the backlinks of a website is the trickiest part of SEO. One of the easiest ways to get
the backlinks of your website is to create your business necessary content frequently and promote it on various social media network channels and high domain authority websites. Need to get your business on top of Google search? Call FDM, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai and SEO service agency in Chennai to upgrade your SEO.

Social Media:
Social Media though initially, a communication channel has become a prospective place for businesses to interact directly with their customers or audience and provide their business value proposition. It’s something to be handled only by an expert because it has the ability to make or break your brand. a social media marketing company in Chennai is very useful to reach your business in the right target audience by posting content in images and videos format as well as it steered towards the specific target location.

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