Social videos- The new social media trend for businesses!

Social videos- The new social media trend for businesses!

Between 2013 to 2018, the amount of time people spent on watching videos on social media increased to about 32 percent per year. Another interesting statistic to note is that people spend about 100 minutes per day watching videos- that accounts to 25 whole days.

Keeping this in perspective, it’s a clearly understood fact that including videos in your social media strategy is something that you must not ignore Best SMO services in Chennai

Luckily there are several creative ways of using videos in your social media. Using video snippets or live videos can be one of the promising ways to garner attention and engage your audience.

Want a dip into a successful video marketing strategy for your social media?
The following 7 step strategy can help.

  1. Set goals:

ANy marketing undertaking needs a well defined goal. Make sure that you know the type of videos you post along with a well thought CTA. Categorizing and aligning videos according to the 5 stages of the marketing funnel can serve your purpose well. You must have the knowledge on the type of videos that work with your video marketing strategy. For example, a customer oriented video is suitable as a product video advertisement and not for news feed. Contact experts at FDM to know the right video marketing strategy for your social media.

  1. Choose what video platform is best for you.

Social Media platforms are evolving to suit the interests of the audience. Recently short videos like tik tok has become a major sensation and so several social media platforms have implemented the same.However older platforms like Facebook has several video forms to support anything from a short video to a full length movie. Apart from the length of the video content, the dimensions of video also matters. People loved the vertical and full swipe video type of content and it had recently been used in almost all the social media platforms. This can be ideal for short type how-to videos or product videos or to display something snappy. It depends upon your business motive as to what type of video content you want your audience to watch Best SEO Services in Chennai

  1. What are the video types to follow :

You will need to decide on the right video types that serve the right purpose.
If you want to educate your audience about your product and display your expertise, you must consider creating long form videos in a professional tone and with a high-quality well framed video content. An example of this could be how to videos, guides, webinar or a walkthrough of your product.

Behind the scenes:
Show the authentic side of your company with behind the scenes videos. This could be great to attract hires to your company and could be entertaining as well.

Interviews and testimonials:

Whether it’s interview or a testimonial, showing your customer side of the story is a potential attention grab for brand awareness. Try adding some fun aspects to make it more share worthy. We at FDM , the best digital marketing agency are experts at analysing what type of video content works for your business.

Preproduction and post production:

While it’s true that creating videos should be natural, having a script ready prepared beforehand works even better.After the video is done, polish your video by making it clear, crisp and adding CTAs wherever necessary.

If you have a social media video marketing business plan, we guide you with the right message, visuals and power it up with our proven strategies. Get going with a social media marketing company in Chennai with FDM Chennai!

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