Low quality vs high-quality links

Low quality vs high-quality links

SEO has gradually become the fuel of digital marketing since a few years and backlinks, a core activity.

In general practice, the more number of backlinks and the higher the quality, the better you rank.

The quality of backlinks is an important aspect of SEO and if ignored, can affect SEO in the long run. The infamous debate on high-quality links versus low-quality links has always been in talks at any point in time. We at FDM, the Digital marketing agency in Chennai offer a high-quality link building strategy that is strong and that consistently builds you a great SEO roadmap ahead.

Why should you build links?

Link building is the core to SEO. It’s about linking different and relevant web pages and linking them to websites. The idea is to keep the link-juices flowing and giving visitors a natural roadmap to information with the links.

The links acts as a dual purpose of giving customers a source of information as well as let Google know that your website is authentic and a credible source of information to be sited. The sites with more quantity of backlinks are like a signals to Google that earns them high ranking.

High quality links vs Low quality links

Not all backlinks are created equal. There are both high-quality links and low-quality links in SEO. While high- quality backlinks improve authority and visibility on search engines, low-quality links have the opposite effect. Bad quality backlinks bring your website penalties, bring down authority and then decrease SERP visibility- not forgetting entirely negating your business effect. We at FDM the best digital marketing agency in Chennai offer the best strategy for SEO by carefully evaluating all the backlinks thereby slowly getting to the top of SERP SEO service in Chennai

Source of Backlinks:

You should note that source of backlinks is an important aspect. It depends on the Structure of Backlinks, type of Backlinks and Frequency of Linking. The lower the quality of the source site, the quality of backlink gets lower. If you post links on lower authority sites, it negates your SEO efforts.


If your links are irrelevant, it can negate your SEO too. However, it’s the opposite for high-quality backlinks. When you have higher quality backlinks, it translates to a higher ranking.
Sites like .edu,.gov, and other credible sites are high-quality sources. It’s best to consider them relevant for your link building as they are of high quality.

Structure of Backlinks

Note that the structure of backlinks is related to the intention of creating the link. Some people post a backlink along with a comment. When there’s no context in the comment, that link will be considered as spam. On the other hand,
High-quality links are reputed as they are reputable and authentic and more suited to the context. We at FDM the best SEO agency in Chennai have winning SEO strategies that help you climb the SEO ladder for your business.

Type and frequency of Backlinks

Posting the same link everywhere or constantly directly the traffic to a same destination can decrease link diversity and could earn you a penalty. On the other hand, if you direct relevant and high quality traffic to specific pages, it’s a good practice of link building.

In lieu of frequency of posting, if you post the same links multiple times it’s treated as spam.


The benefits of building high- quality links are long-lasting and it gives a great boost to Google ranking. The most important benefits to link building are Local SEO services in Chennai

Businesses use links to build relationships with other businesses. Because of link building, businesses can exchange information about their services, promotions and prices. High-quality links brings in referral-based businesses which might bring in increased conversions, traffic and repeat customers.

How are you link-building for your business? Share your thoughts with us. If you want to earn the top spot in SEO, contact FDM the best SEO company in Chennai to get ahead in business.

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