Is Medium Your New Marketing Friend?

Is Medium Your New Marketing Friend?

If you are still wondering about a writing platform to publish your blogs, ideas or any other content elsewhere, Medium can fulfil your needs. In today’s marketing world, despite other content publishing platforms, Medium takes off your content to the next level.

It is one of the most sublime online content publishing platforms for writers, industry experts, thought leaders etc to share their ideas with a vast audience digital marketing company in Chennai

Medium encourages readers to search for topics based on user interests very easily and also generate more traffic of writers content.

Read this article to learn how medium helps you on both personal and business level that boost your marketing.

What is Medium?

Medium is a social networking platform where writers can engage their audiences with their content. For Readers, it’s an online library to find content depending on their ideas and interests. Any individual writer who want to promote their content without needing a dedicated BlogSpot or other free WordPress personal blogs, can write on this platform itself and share their content to other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You just need a free account to get going. The medium algorithm works based on the quality of content instead of recent posts published.

For marketers, it is vital to generate more organic traffic to client’s businesses.

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How to use Medium:

Here we explain a step-by-step process starting from creating a free account to sharing your content on social media platforms in Medium.

Create a Free Account:

Creating an account on Medium isn’t difficult. You have different options to login into the medium by using your Gmail or Twitter credentials or creating an account by filling signup form. After you can create the account you will get a verification email address to the user mail id. Once the verification process will be completed you can successfully log in to the Medium user interface.

Find And Follow:

A medium landing page allows new users to select trending articles or topics as per their interests and follow them. If you want to search topics manually, navigate to the search bar, enter the topic title or editor name in the search bar and then select the article you like.

Do you intend to use a medium for marketing purpose? You can search, find the topics which relevant to your industry or niche and post your content there.

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Publish the Article:

Once you decide the topic to write in medium, go to your profile picture click the Write a story link, located at the right side of the corner on the top. After that, the medium offers you a content published interface and clean formatting that makes it’s it users easy to write high quality looking posts.

The preliminary step to publish the article is to enter the title at the top and directly place your content in the below sections. By clicking the “+” symbol a new section will appear. In Medium you can upload images, videos and other embed links. If you want to be reformatting the text just highlight the text and choose formatting options such as Bold, Italics, headings, and hyperlinks.

After you finish writing and formatting your content, you can publish your article. You could look at times to schedule your post using the publish button.

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