How to write great Instagram captions

How to write great Instagram captions

Instagram is one of the promising marketing platforms that many businesses rely on. Because of its snackable content and far-reaching algorithm, Instagram has become a popular marketing platform.

With good text and visuals, an Instagram snippet can convey your value proposition far better than any other platform.

However, the Instagram caption is as important as the image itself. Since there is a whopping 2200 characters limit of words in the caption you can get as creative as you can get and make it a share-worthy piece.

Here are some tips to write effective Instagram tips:

  1. Write a draft first:

    List out a few ideas for captions, spend some time researching your competitor’s posts captions that have got more engagement by your audience and try to go with similar stuff. Identify your audience pulse and go with it.
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  2. Front-load the important stuff:

    The maximum atmosphere limit of an Instagram caption is 2200 characters, but that’s just a formality. The important aspect is that the 2200 characters not display on the users feed. After three or four lines of text, the caption will be cut off. That means you have to show your main business text in the first 3 to 4 lines, Load the top lines with the engaging content. Don’t waste space with hashtags.
  3. Incorporate a call-to-action:

    The prime way to increase the most actionable clicks of your Instagram post is to add action verbs inside of your captions.
    The action verbs prompt people to make something, rather than just scrolling down. In Twitter, the verbs cause to get more retweets than adjectives and nouns. The same can be appliable on Instagram too. Best SMO services in Chennai
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  4. Ask a question:

    Encourage audience to comment their own experiences. come up with new ideas to entice your audience. – Forward your Instagram strategy.
    To increase engagement to give replies to users comments. Connect with replies to make it a conversation.
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  5. Limit yourself to use four hashtags:

    A hashtag is similar to a keyword on social media platforms. People search their likely services by hashtags only.
    Similar to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also the hashtag behaves the same way. It keeps the total conversations under one roof.

    People may find your post by searching for the hashtag on Instagram.

    Use hashtags sparingly. Few Instagram users incorporate unrelevant hashtags in their posts, they use more searchable hashtags for getting more followers – But the reality is, It makes your post spammy.


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