How to use Linkedin Polls for Business

How to use Linkedin Polls for Business

Do you want to share or improve your insights in the audience eye?  Turn your posts into polls on Linkedin.

In this article, we show you 5 ways about LinkedIn polls that serve your business needs.

1. Unveil your Linkedin Audience

You must be aware that your entire LinkedIn audience or followers can’t be in your industry or niche. They can come from a wide range of industries.  So if you want to burrow an exact audience or prospects related to your industry, It can be difficult. However, using LinkedIn pools you can narrow down your audience. Sometimes you might have several ideas and tactics, and you might not be sure where to begin. You could directly ask your audience about their  current goals and thereby you will get distinct answers that will help you in the process of narrow down your audience. SEO service in Chennai

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2. Ask for consumer feedback about your products or services:

If you would have had a new product or service?  Ask product feedback to your Linkedin audience. Conduct a pole to encourage your customers or audience makes to involve them with a poll. Here are some ideas to list questions about your products.

1.  Have you tried our new product/service.

2. What feature you would like in our product/service.

3. How could you heard our product/service.

4. What do you feel about our new product? Rate below.

3. Start a conversation with a LinkedIn poll:

If you want to have a lot of engagement of your LinkedIn posts, Use Linkedin posts to begin a conversation with your audience who gave answers to your polls. Attract industry experts and thought leaders with your subject knowledge. Don’t dig more technically with subject knowledge. Your questions should create interests in your audiences and it’s always better to stay away from controversies. Local SEO services in Chennai

4. Unveil Your LinkedIn Network’s Pain point:

A poll is one of the best ways to know your customer challenges, Especially when you offer multiple products or services to them.  You can directly ask your customers about their pain point.  List out top problems in your product by conducting a Linkedin poll, taking review from your customers. identifying the knowledge gaps and addressing the areas where your customers have problems with your products.

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5. Determine your content preferred type:

Wondering, Whether you should create short and crisp videos that target your products/services or produce documents? Ask your audience by conducting LinkedIn polls to know your audience thoughts.  This will help you to create quality content as per users interest.

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