How to make the best YouTube videos

How to make the best YouTube videos

Do You want to make more youtube videos yourself? Do you need a simple way to create videos that match your business goals? Videos are an easier way to communicate to others what you have offered and how you can serve your audience.

This article outlines the process of video creation by categorizing into 4 segment that encourage you how you can quickly edit your recorded video into a high quality video.

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Step: 1
Start with the hook:

The first 5-8 seconds video is pivotal in standing your video on YouTube pedestal.
Your video should be creating interest to the viewers; it shouldn’t divert your attention. By establishing a hook in the first few seconds your viewers fancy that they are in the right place.

Your viewers don’t care about what you do and who you are, they only consider whether your video is knowledgable or not? Or if they shun away your problems? Because you have unaided a few seconds to occupy someone’s attention. So, it’s important to give them compelling reasons to watch or share your video.

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Include the Call – to – Action ( CTA ) in your video:

The next 10 – 15 seconds, your video must show what you offer to them. Then only the viewers understand what you intend to show.

The intro doesn’t need to speak. You can just present your name and company name. Include the pre-roll bumper in 2-4 seconds.After the bumper the main video can be played.

Strategically including a CTA to your videos wins your business and drives you traffic. Missing this step could waste the very purpose of creating videos. Count on FDM Chennai for knowing the best step of getting forward with your videos.


Your main content:

By this point, you should be visible between 20 and 30 seconds in your video. This time you solve the problem that referred to the hook. Your videos length should not be more than 10 minutes and no longer. People don’t like to watch more video lengths. If your topic is completed 5 mins don’t stretch that into the 10 mins mark. Your focus should always be to hook people to watch your video till the end.

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  1. Add end screens:

Don’t end your video just with Thank you. Add end cards like subscribe button, most viewed videos, latest uploaded video thumbnails etc.. By adding end cards your viewers know about your previous and latest videos. End cards will help you to get more subscribers to your channel.

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