How to Increase Linkedin engagement?

How to Increase Linkedin engagement?

There’s no denying that Linkedin is a gold mine of engagement. Posts on Linkedin can go viral very much like that of Tik-Tok and Facebook, and the reward is much greater.

The only glitch here is doubling with the right strategy to get maximum engagement, and once you master it, you can see the results yourself.
Let’s explore.

  1. Use Linkedin Content that’s already there
    Linkedin has thoughts from influencers who share fresh ideas from their experience and it will save you half the research. You can pull out tips, advice, and facts from several sources such as blog posts. podcasts, workshops, playbooks and curate them into digestible bits of information. In fact, every piece of your content can be turned into more than 10 pieces of content. This is known as splintering and it’s a great hack that works.
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    Linkedin has fewer characters than Facebook and you need to understand how to cut short the content copy to make it more readable and crisp. If you aren’t able to take in more characters, just post one tip at the same time. While you implement splintering in your Linkedin posts, you must also be aware of the right content delivery in each platform. You’d suppose you can’t fit an entire Linkedin post into Instagram stories, as stories demand to catch worthy visuals and content while a Linkedin post is more of text. It’s best to research the trending Instagram stories that work, replicate them with your content, and A/B test it.
  2. Give away Documents for free
    This might be against the marketing brain, but this really works. You ought to sometimes be liberal on giving away some of your information and it will fetch you a lot of link impressions not forgetting the brand awareness and the trust established in the process. The trick is that if you give away your best stuff, people get curious to anticipate the value of the resource behind the paywall and it really worked. You may, however, choose to include an email opt-in sometimes. Need help setting up a high-performing marketing funnel? We at FDM, the social media marketing company in chennai are adept in strategizing your marketing initiatives and steer towards business success.
    There isn’t any necessity to design content resources to make it look appealing. Having the content created in Google docs serves the purpose right.
  3. Use Employee Generated Content
    Most of us overlook Employee Generated content in their marketing initiatives and if you are one of them. it’s time you reconsider. Research proves that Employee-generated content gets a higher engagement than the business and management-created posts and it acts as an audience-attracting magnet. It shows the authentic side of your business and how the general public is reacting to it. Most employees fear to step on their toes. In such a case, take the lead and encourage them in speaking out and soon you’ll form a community around your brand.
    But before getting ahead in posting abound your business; make sure you have a plan in place. Share URLs with your internal team and tell them ahead on what to post. Though it does not necessarily bring traffic, it could bring awareness to your brand and contribute much to the Customer Value journey.
    As mentioned previously, LinkedIn is a gold mine of marketing if leveraged the right way. Make sure you create value, deliver value and gain value from your marketing efforts. At FDM, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai is digital experts who help you stand out in the competition and get you the best results.

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