How to design an SEO friendly website?

How to design an SEO friendly website?

Just a good design and professional appearance website aren’t sufficient to grasp numerous web users towards a site and in building a strong customer base. If you want to pull in huge traffic to your website, you must focus on designing an SEO friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization focused strategies help in improving the website’s ranking and thereby helps in placing your web page in the first position in the SEO service in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization is important to display your content in the web for readers across the globe to read. If you aim in attracting traffic towards your site then inducing SEO techniques appropriately in your site is a must. Many of the website owners don’t have enough knowledge of the SEO’s role and therefore use copied content in their site which deteriorates their rank in the search engine. There are various strategies which you may follow to enhance the website standard. You may choose the best SEO Company in Chennai that would offer expert SEO services. Here we guide you towards building an effective SEO friendly website, check out-

• Introduce Social Media in designing your website
Social media has overtaken search engines, Introducing the social media factor in your website improves your website’s rank in the search engine. When you design a website, introduce social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter etc in the designing of the web page. Apart from attracting traffic to your web page this also entrusts prospective clients regarding your business.

• Introduce Pictures
Generally, designers miss optimizing the pictures similar to the text content. Optimize the images that you are planning to combine with the content as it will enhance the site’s rank. Remember not to insert pictures that are too big as it will affect the website’s rank negatively. Insert a keyword in the text part of the image, it aids in enhancing the website designers in Chennai

• Use JavaScript not completely
Few companies use JavaScript in designing their site. The search engine may come across various issues to read such websites as the time taken is longer in indexing and ends up in the crawling issue. Also, JavaScript doesn’t function great on certain devices. If you want to resolve this issue, then you must create a website that is user friendly to the maximum extent best web designing company in Chennai

• User-friendly URL
Always create your URL a user-friendly one, as it will be easy for users to search and helps in ranking your web page in the first position in the search engine. Try to organize your URL with a company or service name. Use hyphens or underscore to segregate the various categories in the URL.

• Introducing Keyword
Uniformly Insert keywords in a uniform manner in the entire content. Try to induce keywords while designing your website too. As we spoke earlier, introduce keywords even when you optimize an image. Try to insert them even in the title tag, Meta keywords, website keywords, bullet points, website slogans, H3 tags, file names, folder names and others.
Always remember to design your website in an easily accessible manner. A website that is designed in a simple and easily understandable way is always a hit among web users. If you are unable to use the above tricks in web designing, contact the best SEO services in Chennai or the best SEO agency in Chennai as they will assist you in ranking your website in a good position. Best SEO experts play a key role in SEO web designs.

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