Facebook Lead forms from Ads

Facebook Lead forms from Ads

Everyone who possesses their own business wants to get qualified leads from their website landing pages. There are several ways of obtaining leads and  Facebook is one among them.

In this article, we’ll explain the  types of Facebook lead forms that will help you to produce highest quality leads as well as the important techniques of lead forms.

We at FDM follow expert-level strategies that help you funnel down in your marketing activities towards success.

Create Facebook Lead forms:

Facebook lead forms are a simple way for the audience to give their details easily with one click.

Sometimes navigating people to your website landing pages from Facebook isn’t very easy.

The URL that we posted on Facebook sometimes can be mismatched to the original, The website landing page takes longer than the average user willing to wait for Best SMO services in Chennai

By Facebook landing pages you can make the signup process quick and easy. 

If you want to create a landing form on Facebook, follow the below steps.


1. Go to the Facebook Business page from the business manager. At the menu top, you can either directly click on the publishing tools section or click the more button then choose Publishing tools under the drop-down menu.

2. After you land on the publishing tools page, navigate your cursor to the forms library that stands on the left side of the screen. After clicking the create button.

3. Next, Create a lead form that will be appearing with two radio buttons on your front screen.  By Default, the new form radio button gets highlighted. If you are new to lead forms choose the new form radio button. Give a specific name to your lead form.SEO service in Chennai

2. Design Facebook Lead form:

People frequently confront challenges that they can’t nurture later or the leads could not be of good quality.

In this step, we explain how to design a good Facebook lead form that helps you to connect with your customers.

Pick the right type of lead form:

You can choose either option from two types. 
 Remember that having several steps before showing up the services.

Add Custom Text and Background image:

Coming to the intro section, choose a good background. You can choose either image select from Facebook Ad or upload an image from your device. The recommended image size can be 1200 x 628 pixels.

Next comes the Greeting section. This section describes what your business offers to your Audience. Here you can explain your business information in two sections. One is Headline which allows up to 60 characters and the latter is the description.  Remember that your Facebook landing form is a replacement for the landing page. You must add a strong Headline as well as Ad description. Count on FDM, the best digital marketing agency in chennai for your digital marketing and skyrocket your sales from your FB marketing.

Add questions in your lead form:

This section outlines what information you want to hold from your audience like email, name, phone number etc. The more you ask the more clearer the picture will be

Give a link to the privacy policy page:

After you add questions next you will have to move to the privacy policy section,  which is mandatory as per Facebook regulations.
In this section, you should give your company policy page URL.

You can also have a custom disclaimer option that tells you to legally gather audience information.

Add CTA:

This is the last section in order to create lead forms. This is the completion stage and it is similar to section #2. This section explains your CTA headline and has a limit of 60 characters and description. This is where marketers frequently make mistakes. Sometimes they incorporate contextual CTA’s that are more relevant such as Know more, visit our website, etc. Be strategic and properly add your CTA’s so that your audience exactly knows what you offer to them. Local SEO services in Chennai

3. Review and publish your lead form:

Once you have designed everything in lead forms, double-check all the options and rectify if any error flags show on Facebook. After the submit button you won’t be able to get back and edit the form.

Many businesses are unaware of the various processes involved in FB marketing. Only experts can really dig into the strategies and bring you laser targeted results. Call FDM experts to achieve better sales.

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