Email newsletter ideas and design techniques

Email newsletter ideas and design techniques

Newsletter is a promising technique in email marketing. They compile everything that customers care about and put it together in a creative way that serves the common interest of both business and the customers.

Most of the businesses send newsletters once in a month to their contacts.

On the flip side, not every newsletter works well. Things turn realistic for few lucky individuals. Most of the time people are soaked up with unpleasant content for the newsletter interface. Automatically they ignore or head straight to the unsubscribe form. This can’t be good for your metrics.

So if you want to create an engaging newsletter read this post to start with a fresh new email newsletter strategy or revamp your current newsletter that isn’t performing well.
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Proven Email newsletter ideas that works

Generally a newsletter is a roundup of your prior month activities of your business. It showcases your deliverables and achievements, and outlines blog posts, resources like case studies, ebooks about your product or service. It could also be a prompt to your upcoming events like webinars.

Try to create value through a newsletter rather than the sake of one. Club it u with a targeted audience and you are almost near to your goal. Need digital marketing services in Chennai? We at FDM help you gain the digital edge to your business.

If you are looking common email newsletter ideas, the below listed ones can help.

  1. Compile all the popular blogs, videos or podcasts.
  2. Showcase your expertise in the form of case studies, ebooks, white papers etc..
  3. Upcoming business events conducted by your company.
  4. Share your industry thought leadership with the latest news in the industry
  5. Show your business expertise with some original ideas.
  6. Add some inspiration with quotes.
  7. Upcoming events and past recordings of webinars.
  8. FAQ’s and survey results in your industry.

Next, let’s explore design techniques that add zing to your newsletter. Are you someone who wants to woo your audience with captivating social media that also sells? Contact FDM, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai, for the best services.

Newsletter Design:

A newsletter must reflect your brand. For example if your website contains plain black and white text, you don’t need to create super hues in your newsletter that might create confusion in your audience. Your newsletter colours must align with the logo that represents your brand Best content marketers in Chennai

Here are some of the best practices that ensure your design is to the par.

  1. Use high-quality images that are cco licenced.
  2. Use the same text format throughout the newsletter.
  3. Your CTA must be obvious and short, Don’t add more words in your CTA button
  4. Use Buttons rather than links for CTA’s.
  5. Your newsletter should appeal to all devices.
  6. The email has a mobile responsiveness.

Of course if you are beginner to newsletter designing, we recommend using predefined templates. Most of the email service providers offer default newsletter templates.

We hope these techniques give you some inspiration so you create the email newsletter that your audience love to get their inboxes. Call FDM for digital marketing, SEO and social media marketing company in Chennai

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