Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about changes in the way businesses are operating. With work from home and social distancing becoming the norm for the day consumers are spending more time than ever before online.

While this presents a huge opportunity for the marketers they also need to get creative and develop strategies to go even further to connect to the customers. The best digital marketing agency in Chennai offers the latest in the digital marketing space like SEO, PPC, Social media marketing. Contact for more details.

So, what can marketers expect in 2021? The following are some trends that marketers can expect this year.

a. Live streaming and Influencer Marketing

The lockdown restrictions meant the cancellation of many events and get-togethers in 2020. This period saw a spike in live streaming where social media influencers like celebrities used live video streams to engage and connect with the audiences. ‘Going Live’ has many advantages like it enables the marketers to give a better consumer experience by connecting with the users more personally thus capturing their attention better. Live streaming is easy to do and more affordable. FDM The best Internet Marketing Agency in Chennai can help you to reach your consumers online and grow using Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Web Design and Best content marketers in Chennai

b. Purpose-Driven Marketing

Today’s Consumers are more vocal about certain issues and causes and openly support and are proud to be associated with brands that have a social purpose and are actively working to make a difference. During the Covid-19 situation purpose-driven business or businesses which showed people that they cared about their employees, customers and communities gained an edge. This trend will continue in the years to come and companies with a strong purpose will resonate better with consumers and gain.

c. Boosting Customer Engagement With User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) in the form of a social media update, tweet, and video has a big influence on consumer purchase decisions. The pandemic witnessed a huge explosion in the popularity of UGC. With ‘online’ becoming the name of the game, people are creating videos, sharing content and uploading brand experiences across all social media platforms in huge numbers. Brands should leverage this relatable, uplifting, cost-effective and authentic UGC to build and strengthen communities, increase sales, build trust and improve relationships with their consumers. We can help to increase your brand visibility with our SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, social media marketing company in Chennai and other Digital marketing Channels. Check FDM the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai.

d. Sustainability

Today’s consumers are passionate about environmentalism and are demanding brands to reduce the impact on the planet. The Covid situation has accelerated this sustainability movement where people are keen to know where the products are coming from, the conditions in which it is manufactured, the packaging and other details. There is strong support for sustainable and eco-friendly brands and local communities. This trend will continue in 2021 too where ‘green’ products will continue to win consumer attention and sales Best SMO services in Chennai

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