Digital Marketing – Online Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing – Online Marketing Plan

  1. Defining my brand

Google ads and Facebook are some of the social networking websites which thrive on unique content posted by the users. This is the reason we find business houses and account managers trying to boost a brand image by posting new content on a regular basis.

Good posts bring a lot of readers to your page which gets converted to likes and shares which boosts the brand of the product being launched.

The content can be in the information guide, or tutorials that inform the reader regarding the usage of the product, or a video that brings more traffic to the original website of the product or posting reviews given by industry experts is another way of boosting the visibility of the product.

  1. Creating a persona

It is impossible to build a persona in the mind of the customer without actually knowing who is the target customer. Customers of each age group and geographical location come with their expectations. A brand manager would need to identify his customer base and keep their expectation in mind while targeting his patron for the product. Other factors are the affording capacity of the purchaser. This would finally decide who would go ahead and buy the product so the content would be designed accordingly to attract such people to the page of the advertised product. Salaries of people would decide how essential is the product for the buyer. So, content can be written and pitched which shows the necessity of the product and acts as a replacement for other products which are marginally pitched higher in terms of money. Creating a unique buying experience that gives the purchaser a winning experience while buying a product that has a competitive price and multiple uses for the purchaser.


  1. Educating the customer

To create the right experience for the customer it is very important that the buyer is adequately educated through the content posted on different blogs and sites. It is always good to collect review from the existing customers and post it on the website which authenticates the product the customer is planning to buy. Time invested on social media always pays back. Investment in Facebook, Google ads, Twitter helps in the branding of companies to understand the perception of the customer and his needs. These social networking websites also act as a medium to change the commonly held belief in people. Going ahead with paid ads on such sites gives businesses a huge outreach and base for selling their products. Pay per click or Google ads might be expensive but get the targeted crowd to the page of the advertiser.


  1. My ideal customer

It is always good to run a general product campaign regarding a product that increases awareness about a product. However, the success of an ad campaign can be measured only when you can measure it in terms of return on investment. The measure of profit a business makes us finally decides if the campaign has been successful.

So, it is important that all campaign managers and business owners have a fair idea about the kind of customer they are targeting. It becomes easy to design the campaign accordingly. A tailor-made campaign is always more revenue fetching for a business. During such promotional effort, the brand of the business and the product gets established between the target audience and makes it easy to reach out to customers and convert it into sales.


  1. My dream client

It is always important to have a dream when you run a business. It is important to recognize and understand people who are currently engaging with your business and understanding who you would like to engage with in the future. Understanding the difference of product satisfaction delivered by the product and the expectation of the people who you would like to engage with are two things. The second important part is the methodology you have used to reach to your client is a strategy that needs to be rethought and looked into.

This helps in segmenting the customers in brackets of purchasing capacity, geographical location, and expectation according to their age group and need. Designing a campaign according to different segments of customers will fetch better results in the future as it will be target-oriented and the business will be able to evaluate the actual return on investment on each campaign.


  1. Competition my teacher

To learn more about how to make an ad campaign effective it is of great importance that we should be able to identify our closest competitors. We should analyze the kind of strategies taken by them closely. This is free learning it gives us a ready reckoner of what we should do and learnings we need to unlearn without paying a cost. Closely watching the kind of content, they upload and the space they use to advertise should be known.

Professional conferences and industry reports is free learning which is available online and should be used while designing a campaign. It is a free to research paper available to be utilized by marketing professionals.


  1. Facebook Audience Insights

When we go and analyze our Facebook page, we understand the kind of people who have been visiting us. The visitation gives us many kinds of details which can be broken down into categories of sex, age group, professional type, demographics, likes, hobbies, etc. Then it becomes easy to look for a similar group of individuals who would perhaps be more receptive to the service or product advertised.


  1. Facebook medium to locate similar groups

After analyzing the kind of people who have been visiting your page you need to locate more like them and join those groups. This will help more audiences to know about the advertised page. There are many groups that are active on Facebook. The advertiser needs to reach out to groups with similar interests from the newsfeed section on Facebook so that more people get to know about the advertised page and more targeted visitors can know about us. The advertised page will have more visits which can enhance the sales number.


Marketing feels like a crazy world when you set your foot in it. Give it time you will be able to locate the first, the second landing, and so on. Synchronizing the thoughts in an orderly manner is a tough job that comes with practice and time. Set yourself a goal that you would want to achieve. Break it down into small chewable chunks. Once you have your first step ready allot it a budget and get down to work. Give it a decent time frame to turn around. Analyze your result and see how successful was your strategy.