Content Marketing and How It Can Generate Leads

Content Marketing and How It Can Generate Leads

There was a time when content was king! In the past content was used in a myriad of ways to get the highest hits for a single website.

Of course, we’re talking about times when content needed to be incredibly densely packed for the sake of getting more views, and hopefully more revenue. However, those days are long gone. Today, content is king for a few other reasons: Communication, engagement, and lead generation.

If you’ve been in the Digital marketing game for a while, then there are certain truths you MUST know about content marketing!

  • Just telling someone to buy something may sound like a good way to get immediate sales, but it is not.
  • People aren’t necessarily up for free stuff, but they will definitely be interested in “extra” stuff.
  • The key isn’t to make them sell (yes that is the end goal, but take it one step at a time). With advertising content, the key is to get them to stop and read.

However, there are multiple ways content marketing can be used for such a purpose. However, before trying any of these methods one must know the basics! Reaching the right target audience is the key to growing one’s own business. However, knowing your targeting audience can also be a challenge. For a solution to that, keep reading till the end!

Make them a part of it.

Ads that invite the user to do something are all well and good, but what really helps you is if you can relate to the problems your potential customers are having, that your product can solve!

However, it isn’t so simple that one can just tell people to buy your product because it will solve a problem. People like to feel seen, and relating to those pain-points the right way will help you get your foot in the door.

Give them a simple, non-invasive call to action. Given that you and your potential customers are still strangers at this point, they will hesitate to give you too much information unless they feel like your business/product actually has something to offer them. So, take the time to get to know your customers and come up with ideas on what can help with their pain points

An effortless call to action.

The key to making a good sale is reducing the effort a customer will need to put into buying your product. If you have found someone looking to buy what you’re selling, but need them to take extra time filling out unnecessary details, then you will lose them just as quickly.

The key is to make the process no more than 3 steps. It is understandable if certain details are needed for high-value products. But if your product is fast-moving and sellable, you probably already have competitors who are doing their best to make the buying process easy for customers.

It’s all about the message, and how you tell it.

You can either tell someone to buy a pen you’re selling or you can tell them this pen is really good and show them something beautiful that was written or drawn with it. Similarly, the content you need for ads does indeed need to be direct. However, the ad shouldn’t just point toward the product, remember your goal! The ad needs to point to the pain point your product is aiming to solve! If you’re selling online courses, tell them how the course will help them navigate and succeed in an industry. If you’re selling fiction books, tell them wonderful stories in a single line that they simply cannot ignore. The most important thing here is (we’ve said it before) to know your audience and tailor your ads accordingly.

However, while understanding the target audience itself is quite a task, it will be hard to manage a business while still trying to figure out how to sell on social media. A good solution to this problem will be assigning it to a Digital Marketing Service that you can trust to grow your business. Reach out to the experts, reach out to Fueldigi (insert website link here).

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