7 Unbelievable Linkedin Advertising Ideas

7 Unbelievable Linkedin Advertising Ideas

There are plenty of social media platforms that could establish your business presence and help you achieve your business goal. Linkedin is like no other.

We at FDM provide you with a full suite of the best digital marketing agency in Chennai that help you promote and advertise your business and reach potential decision-makers. Are you ready?

Why should we Advertise on Linkedin?

Do you know Approximately 740 Million User accounts exist on Linkedin? Linkedin is a roof for small and medium scale businesses. There can be 65 million users to be decision-makers and 61 million users that act as senior-level influencers.

Even though other platforms have a higher user account than LinkedIn, this is a straight shot when it involves targeting a b2b audience. Paid ads in LinkedIn helps you;

  1. Inherently target your audience by designation and other specific aspects
  2. Increased Conversions.
    Another important factor of LinkedIn why marketers prefer paid ads for reaching more targeted audiences is because more than 50 per cent of marketers advertise their client businesses on LinkedIn. Contact social media marketing experts at FDM to fast track your business in all the social media marketing company in Chennai
    In this article, we uncover 7 Linkedin advertising ideas that are essential for lead generation.
  3. Have fun with colours:
    Colours create more attention to your campaign. A colourful ad attracts 26 per cent more than regular white and black counterparts.
    Bright hues of colour catch the eye and make an impression on your business. Choose colours that go as soon as your brand.
  4. Add offer in your Ad
    While running LinkedIn ads for your brand, ensure your ad is different. Pique interest by showing creatively what you offer to them over your Ad.
    That can be a free whitepaper, a free case study, or a calendar. In order to grab attention shows your expertise in your field, Convert your expertise into an identity.
  5. Appeal to people emotions:
    Emotion is one of the extreme force in marketing.
    In fact, research of 1400 successful Ad campaigns that asserted emotional content engaged almost twice as than rational content.
    Don’t forget, When running LinkedIn Ads you must add emotional language or imagery in your ad that enticing your audience.
  6. Announce Industry Events:
    If you are exploring linkedin ad ideas, posting industry events is a great start. By inviting the audience to your events, your post can reach a wider audience and increase reach. Instead of bragging about your brand, try to offer them something valuable about your industry Best SEO analytics in Chennai
  7. Try different placements
    On LinkedIn, More exposure is not a bad trait, try Placing your ads in multiple placements and double your chances of audience interaction.
  8. Make your ads simple:
    Linkedin ads don’t need to be flashy. In some cases, a simpler ad generates more sales. It encourages your audience to connect with you authentically.
  9. Highlight solutions:
    While you build LinkedIn Ads, it’s better to do reverse engineering on the solutions, that your audience wants to hear. Highlight solutions and build a trust factor that your business could provide them with the authentic solution they truly want.
    Linkedin Ads are one of the top Digital Marketing strategies for growing businesses and should not be overlooked. Contact FDM for a comprehensive range of the Best SMO services in Chennai and funnel your business towards high-quality sales.

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