5 Best SEO tools for Monitoring and Auditing your website in 2021

5 Best SEO tools for Monitoring and Auditing your website in 2021

Marketers are overwhelmed with sudden google algorithm changes and most of it waters down their efforts. Although the algorithm keeps changing, the principles the same.

This article outlines the factors based on which Google display websites in SERP.

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 The good news is there are several SEO ( Search engine optimization ) Tools available – some of them are free, some paid that help you monitor, audit and fix your SEO.

Let’s explore.

Best free SEO Tools:

1. Hubspot Website Grader:

The SEO Professionals work to generate more traffic to the website and drive more qualified leads for the company via landing pages.  That’s why these tools are essential for marketers to understand what they should do for improving their SEO rankings.

In Hubspot Website Grader, you just enter your website URL then you will automatically get a report with actionable items.

With this Hubspot Website Grader:

1. You can know your website’s performance with in seconds.

2. You can spot website performance and security issues with actionable insights.

3. Know how your website performed in mobiles.

However it does not reveal the entire SEO issues unless you take a paid version. We at FDM, the best SEO agency in Chennai gives you a free audit with actionable items and help you fix them till the end.

2. Google Search Console:

The former name of Google search console as webmaster tools. The Google search console helps in your SEO as well as Analytics level.

 If you are a business owner/ non-technical person Google search console guides you to create an account It monitors website performance, Indexing website pages in search engine- and There’s absolutely no need for coding knowledge website designers in chennai

It helps:

1. to Shows top keywords that currently rank on website.

2. Display crawl errors if any of the website.

3. The number of pages that are indexed in Google.

4. Other  informative metrics like Impressions, Clicks, Average CTR, and average position.

3. UpCity Free SEO:

  The UpCity Free SEO analyses your website thoroughly on both SEO level and Website Level. 

In exchange to this, the user has to give their contact information, The Report covers the following:

1. Rank Analysis: It shows your average website rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. your ranking is depending on your top keywords Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

2. On-site Analysis: It projects how successful you have integrated your keywords through out the site.

3. Website Accessability: It serves up information about your website such as page loading time and accessability.

4. Indexing: How many website pages are indexed.

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas:

Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO based software having various of free tools. By using this free tools you can  compare your website with competitor’s website.

The below are the few of examples of Ninja SEO tools:

1. Spot the broken links and redirects to normal pages. This tool allows you to generate xml sitemap.

2. Look at the images with their alt tags and dimensions, evaluate all of your page links such as internal and external links Best SMO services in Chennai

It review every pages of website to generate what’s working good and what’s not.

3. Analyse page-load time and give the detailed report of each component of web page.

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5. Seolyzer:

Seolyzer is a free audit site to provide crawling information and log analysis. These tool calculates how search engine views your page. This tool identifies server log files, redirects errors and broken links.

Additionally This tool helps:

1. Segment your pages to explore the most crawling pages.

2. Quickly identify and continuously monitor seo errors. It determines the website server response time, security certificate, high loading images and broken links of site. So you can easily resolve the issues before going big.

Well, SEO tools can help you find the issues, but a good SEO company can help you resolve them. Call FDM the Best SEO Service companies in Chennai to get the best SEO results for your website.

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