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We provide 360° degree website development services which will sustain you to make more traffic and increase your online appearance. With over experience, the central purpose of our web development company is to give perfect web development services that will add meaning and fit your business necessities. Our expert developers are very skilled and are capable of developing each sort of website. Our team will produce and deliver a website that is admired by both search engines and users.

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Static websites

A static website is also called a collection of stationary pages. The content contains through, coded in HTML or WordPress and is stored in the browser. The webpage does not change for any viewer and holds similar information for all viewers on the site. Blogs and documentations are some models of static websites. Static websites are ideal for small businesses in which limited information will store, and it is simple on the pocket as websites are cheap to host. The search engines easily index these small websites, and they are easy to drag up even in a slow connection. Wikipedia is a perfect example of a static website where content gets uploaded on a customized template and allows frequent updating of content. The best website development company in Coimbatore develops Static websites for unique and existing businesses to make websites at reasonable costs. “Contact us today”


The websites are made on HTML coded or WordPress the content does not change in these websites and remain static. The websites need reasonable maintenance costs they are made by developers with a basic wisdom of coding. New business with low traffic intervention does well with a static website. Owners of small businesses do not spend a lot of money on maintaining and updating their websites regularly. It is also consistent for website visitors because the content remains the same.


Marketing websites

Marketing websites need a lot of content about the products they are trying to market it a product or a service. Your websites would include pages with information about the company, the promoter, and the vision and mission, which are the driving forces behind the organisation. Continuous updates regarding the products and services on which they are advertised, increasing the traffic and footfall to the website and the owners' physical shop. To improve the online presence of your business, get your website design as your requirement by the best website development company in Coimbatore at FuelDigi marketing Pvt Ltd.


Blogs contents that are theme-based and the thematic change is usually not seen. New posted contents are for updating the viewer about any idea or modification. Updating these websites is extremely easy. It is simple as it is done in any word document or pasting it in the available that coding knowledge is not required. As we surf the net, we find that there is an innumerable number of operational websites and blogs that have been written on topics like travel, cooking, games, educational websites, geographical websites, historical content, etc. are all static websites.


Dynamic Website

A dynamic website has new content every time a new person visits the website. These websites are governed by various aspects like demographics, the local language, the time of the day the website is being viewed etc. The web pages are made with the help of Coding. The well-known dynamic websites are Facebook, Twitter, Swiggy, Zomato etc.

A dynamic website has a very proficient look as it is updated regularly and managed by professionals in the organization. It is updated frequently with high-quality content as it sees high traffic coming towards it. The service page for the customers wants to be made interactive to look and attract the people visiting it. 

Dynamic websites are user-friendly and easily updated by people maintaining the website. People don't need to know coding to do any kind of updating.

Business tries to make changes to the website according to the consumers, the base they need for the consumers revisit them and chances of sales of services and products increase.

Customers can comfortably leave their feedback on the website becomes an action point for the business owner, and they can make modifications to the website or the services as required.

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