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Share market profile was established in the year 2006. It is in the business of share market training which is a lucrative option for investment in the current market scenario. The intent of the company is to get more and more new investors to take advantage of the new market scenario which is emerging as a new option of investment when other options are decreasing along with their interest rates. The company has put together a course which is good for beginners as well as for advanced learners. They run stock market online courses, stockbroker courses, and stock exchange courses which have evolved from the very basic level to greater understanding of the subject between the learners.

The trainers are well versed with the ever-evolving nature of the economy. The trainers give the trainees full knowledge about the functioning of IPO, NIFTY Sensex, and how corporate decisions affect the movement of the stocks in the share market. Charting types and analysis tools help the trained people in taking an informed decision. The demand and the supply of stocks in the market can be well predicted in advance with the help of the technical analysis learned through the training process. The professionals’ courses include cup pattern, flag pattern, triangle pattern, gap analysis, and candlestick analysis which is a part of technical analysis a tool used for the demand of stocks.

Around one year back Share Market Profile got into a business agreement with Fueldigi Marketing Company for digital marketing services. The digital presence of the company has seen an ever-increasing rise and which has made the presence of business felt in the digital world. There has been a steady rise in the number of people who want to enroll for their courses as beginners or for their professional courses.

Client Name: Share Market Profile

Project Type: Share Market Training

Website URL:

Technology: WordPress

Major Services Offered by the client Share Market Profile

  1. Professional Trader Course
  2. Options Pro Trader Course

Professional Trader Course: The course is mainly famous among players who are potential investors in the stock market and with the help of the course they have turned into professional in the fields of stock market investment. The trainers are well versed with the stock market functioning and the design of the course suits the need of beginners and people needing advanced learning as well. The training courses focus on the knowledge about IPO, NIFTY, corporate actions, it also includes knowledge about depositories, broking, and exchanges. The aim of the course is to give the learners a strong technical analysis about investing in stocks and equities. The professionals are introduced to different kinds of pricing patterns like cup patterns, flag patterns, etc. The Professional Trader Course has gained a lot of footage due to the digital presence of and online marketing provided by Fueldigi Marketing Company.

Options Pro Training: Share market profile provides yet another service which is training in option pro to people investing in share markets. Options pro is usually practiced by investors to lower down the risk burden. Some of the major highlights of the course are technical analysis courses of stocks, online stockbroking course to trade online, etc. The courses are lively based on real-life examples which makes the course real-time and training more effective. The courses are designed in a manner in which they are suitable for all age groups and gender. For better understanding and to accommodate people speaking in Tamil training is also provided in Tamil. The courses are pocket-friendly and provide an upcoming trader a source to livelihood at nominal cost. With the course the students in the field of stock trading feel completely equipped. The course has gained a lot of online presence with the help of the online presence provided by Fueldigi Marketing Company.

Fueldigi Marketing Company Services for Share Market Profile

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  • Google AdWords 

Our strategy

 Our SEO Approach

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Google AdWords or Pay per Clicks

Looking for suitable customers for our clients. 

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The bounce rate of percentage is 57.93%