Riverday Spa & Saloon

River Salon and Day Spa was established in the year 2011. It is in the business of beauty treatment through body scrubs, massages, and facials. Luxurious spa massage services, beauty, and bridal services have been the major business of River Salon and Day Spa. The first branch of the business was opened in Chennai and slowly they have branched to other cities of Tamil Nadu.

The trained staff who are beauticians and healers are trained on the art by some of the best in the industry. They have in-house trainers from Bali to train new and existing recruits on the art of giving massages.

Around six years back River Salon and Day Spa got into a business agreement with Fueldigi Marketing Company for digital marketing services. The digital presence of the company has seen an ever-increasing rise and which has made the presence of business felt in the digital world. There has been a steady rise in the number of outlets opened by the River Salon and Day Spa owners due to the rise in the demand for their services. The business which had started with a single branch in Chennai have their footprints in Porur, Alwarpet, Vellore, Egmore, and Dubai. Many Luxurious hotels have River Salon and Day Spa outlets to entertain and offer a luxurious spa and massage facility for their guests. The demand for more outlets has seen a consistent rise.

Client Name: River Salon and Day Spa

Project Type: Personal Care Services (In the area of relaxation and cosmetics)

Website URL:  https://www.riverdayspa.com/

Technology: WordPress

Major Services Offered by the client River Salon and Day Spa
  1. Massages
  2. Body Scrubs and Wraps
  3. Hair Treatment and Styling
  4. Salon Services
  5. Bridal Makeup and Special Facials

Massages: The massage service given by River Salon and Day Spa is all about natural healing and getting over the natural aging process of a human being. The massages help people to eradicate the toxins present in the body and the different kinds of pain in the muscles and joints which troubles people in everyday life. Massages help in the exfoliation of the skin which takes away the dead skin and allows the new skin to shine and the person looks lively and bright. Massages help a sleep deficit person to get good sleep naturally which helps in bringing down blood pressure and increases the blood flow in the body.


Body scrubs and wraps: Scrubs and wraps are good for the body as they liven up the skin and as they are made up of naturally occurring fruits and oils, they have a medicinal effect on the body which helps them in many ways. Scrubs and wraps even work on aging skin and sunburns by taking away the dead skin on the top layer and moisturizing the skin. After such treatment, the skin looks young and healthy.

Hair treatment and Styling: The Salon services of the spa are well known. The stylists master the art of the latest haircuts and styling which is one of the main attractions of the spa and well known between the younger generation and style freaks of the society. The stylists possess magic in their hands which they display their art as per the demand of the customer. Cutting of locks, streaking of hair and rebonding of hair are some of the services offered at Riverday Salon and Day Spa.

Salon Services: People around the city turn up for waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure, bleaching and Mehandi are some of their major services. The clients receive a manicure and pedicure service which relaxes the hand and feet of the client. It helps in the blood circulation of the body and the latest nail art brings up the fashion quotient of the customer visiting the spa.

Bridal Makeups and Special Facials: River Salon and Day Spa offer special services to their customers on their special days of marriage, anniversary, or any occasion of honor. The bridal artists take care of the make-up and skin treatment for the day of the marriage and all-important occasions for which they have been booked. The latest trends are followed for such make-ups and the bride and groom relax in the spa getting ready for their lifetime occasions with the help of artists who work immaculately on their skin and style.

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