Tips To Speed Up Mobile Website

Tips To Speed Up Mobile Website

There is an increase in the usage of smartphone across the globe. Mobile has emerged as a significant device in our everyday lives. Many people have begun to use mobile to access the internet and this number may not fall in near future but drastically increase in Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

Web designing companies are creating and developing their websites, keeping in mind the need for accessing the site through mobile. A website not compatible in mobile is something that businesses can’t afford.

So, most of the businesses are spending huge sum of money to create a highly responsive site. One of the major highlight for an excellent mobile site is “ High speed” . The speed in which a site loads is not just necessary for desktop, it is also important for mobile. A website that takes long time to load may lose traffic.

Most of the web users don’t have much patience while surfing on the mobile. So when a site takes above 3 seconds to load, then they immediately exit from the site. Search engines take into consideration the website speed when analyzing the rank of the website designers in Chennai

Now that we know that mobile site speed is important, let’s look into tips for increasing mobile site speed.

The simplest way to analyze the speed of your mobile is “ Think with Google” tool . It is a free of cost tool by Google. As you access the “ Think With Google” website, you are directed to give the details of the website URL in the search toolbar. Then click on test now and in next couple of minutes you will receive the results pertaining to your website.

Google also gives detailed information on the mistakes that need to corrected in order to enhance the speed when you request for “Get my free report” When you use this tool, you get the details of how well is your website compatible in mobile in other words it describes the mobile friendliness of your website. You can also get the desktop speed details in this report.

The mobile-friendliness mark is the actual performance of your website on mobile. It is the report after a detailed study of how easy your mobile is to access via mobile. To create a mobile-friendly website you must include a specific strategy meant for the same. The tactic used for enhancing the desktop speed cannot be used on a mobile website.

The basic strategy to make a site mobile-friendly is creating it lightweight. To make such site you must post only necessary details in the site that are relevant to your business and attracting to your target users. Including unnecessary information must be discouraged.

When the sites are heavyweight due to the graphical presentation. There must be the right balance between graphic and content in any mobile site. Displaying numerous images reduces the speed of the site.

To create a lightweight site you must use minifying code. This indicates the removal of unwanted characters such as whitespace characters, comments, block delimiters and many AdWords service in Chennai

Next, try your maximum to have only one call to action on the webpage. This will help in designing a clutter-free, simple website. Multiple calls to actions can create confusion among users. Also, focus on making a site that is easier for visitors to use, navigate and get information.

They must not loiter or invest a lot of time to retrieve the required details. For instance, if it’s an e-commerce website designing company in Chennai business then the visitor or prospective customer must be able to buy the product or choose the service in just 3 steps of action.

There could be a number of other ways in enhancing the speed of the mobile website. But you may begin with our simple approach and reap great results. Although our tips are simple to use, you may hire SEO services from professional SEO Company in Chennai.

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