Technical Checklist For Search Engine Optimization – To Keep Mobile SERP Safe

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Technical Checklist For Search Engine Optimization – To Keep Mobile SERP Safe

Smartphone usage has been witnessing a tremendous rise. Top SEO service companies in Chennai expect the number of mobile device users, especially smartphones, to further increase manifold in the future. Naturally, mobile-friendly websites have become essential today. Even with responsive websites, businesses need to maintain their mobile SERP safe. This calls for partnering with the Best SEO service company in Chennai.

The Crucial Role Played by Technical SEO

One of the fundamental and vital elements of SEO, technical SEO helps businesses to optimize the technical side of their websites. Even if you are blessed with a fascinating website with the most incredible chunk of content in your niche, you must ensure that your site doesn’t have any technical SEO issues.
Technical SEO is the process through which you can optimize your website for crawling and indexing. It may also include other technical processes that are meant for improving search visibility. It is a mobile-first world today. It is vital to ensure the good position of a site on mobile SERP to achieve business success.
By implementing the technical SEO aspects, brands will be able to keep their websites safe and healthy on the mobile SERP. This is where the need for the services of Top SEO service companies in Chennai is felt.
Key Technical Seo Tips That Help To Maintain Mobile SERP

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly
    According to Google algorithm updates, responsive, mobile-friendly websites gain preference. In fact, sites that do not adopt a more mobile-friendly template are likely to be penalized. You can check your website’s mobile-friendliness using free tools such as Google’s mobile-friendly test, Website Grader from HubSpot, or GTMetrix, or any other tool. Top SEO service companies in Chennai will help you to choose the right tool.
  2. Create an XML sitemap and optimize it
    It is essential to have your website’s sitemap so that Google may find and index the web pages. Creating a sitemap is an easy process. After creating, submit your sitemap to Google through Google Search Console. After successful submission, following XML sitemap best practices as the ones mentioned below is necessary:
     High-quality pages need to be prioritized in the sitemap.
     Blocked pages in robot.txt need not remain in the XML sitemap.
     Big sites having numerous URLs could do well with dynamic XML sitemaps.
  3. Perform weekly technical SEO site audit and fix errors in the website
    On-page SEO issues must be fixed by running regular technical SEO audits to enable your site to rank higher consistently in SERPs. You may use any of the tools available in the market for this. Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are a few of these tools.
    These tools will scan the website for issues or errors, and provide appropriate recommendations for fixing those errors. This helps to enhance the overall technical health of websites designers in Chennai
  4. Improve the loading time of your website
    The website’s speed is an important criterion today. A site that takes forever to load will face a penalty from Google. Having a rich content alone will not help to achieve ranking if your website is slow. Slow-loading sites are sure to impact user experience negatively.
    You may test the speed of your site using free tools such as Pingdom, GTMetrix, or Google PageSpeed Insights. Optimizing the images in your site, enabling browser compression and caching, reducing server response time, and using a content delivery system are a few effective steps to speed up your website.
  5. Main keywords must be included in Image Alt Text
    Google makes use of metadata to understand images. Image file name and image alternative text are essential to enable Google to determine what is in images, as Google cannot directly see that. Alt text is required to be used within HTML code for describing the appearance as well as the function of images on a web page.
    Using the main keywords that you target for describing alt text is the best practice. Care must be taken to not stuff keywords. Image optimization helps to improve your site’s performance in best social media marketing companies in Chennai
  6. Internal links must be optimized
    Internal links play a significant role in enabling search engines to understand your website’s information hierarchy. They help to establish SEO-friendly site architecture as well.
    Fuel Digital, the best SEO service company in Chennai suggests using descriptive keywords in the anchor text.
  7. Avoid duplicate content by using canonical URLs
    Duplicate content must not be allowed anywhere on your website. Free SEO tools such as SEMrush will help in scanning and fixing the duplicate content issues in the website. When the use of duplicate content becomes unavoidable, make use of canonical URLs. They come in handy when running E-Commerce sites that are having several identical pages. The best SEO services in Chennai would help businesses in avoiding duplication.
  8. Ensure that all your resources are crawlable
    One of the critical SEO technical issues is having non-crawlable resources. It is through crawling first, followed by indexing, that the content in your website reaches the users’ eyes. It is essential that you check for crawl errors in Google search console and fix them promptly. Top SEO service companies in Chennai such as Fuel Digital will help you with this.
  9. Make use of the secure (HTTPS) protocol
    HTTPS protocol is one of the new ranking factors in Google. HTTPS, by encrypting data, protects it against manual attacks. It doesn’t allow data to be corrupted or modified during the transfer. Data security helps you to boost the ranking of your site, it ensures that your site is safe to use, and offers referrer details.
  10. Identify broken links and fix them
    Broken links are spoilsports from the SEO perspective. They may cause unwanted harm to user experience as well. Users are put off when they are landed with the infamous “404 Not Found” page. It creates such a bad first impression that they may not return to the site again.
    You may avoid this issue by installing a free tool such as the Broken Link Checker plugin. When you activate this, it scans your website every 72 hours and detects broken links, if any. You will be notified about broken links and you may fix them promptly.
    Partnering with a reliable SEO agency in Chennai will help you to improve the overall site performance. Fuel Digital is one of the Best SEO service companies in Chennai. We have the skill and experience to ensure your website SERP safe and sound.

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